14. Using the Carbon dating clock (C14)


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Written by John Denton 28th Dec 1996


Technically the carbon dating process is very accurate, making precise calculations according to a set formula. The clock itself works very well; like a stop watch with meticulously manufactured cogs and wheels. The problems come with the set up data fed into it, unless the calibrations are realistic and accurate the clock is no good. For example if an extremely accurate clock is set to the wrong time to start with no matter how accurate it is, the time it shows will always be wrong. Or if a clock has its mechanism set to a 25 hour day calibration with accuracy down to one thousandth of a second, the time it shows will always be useless to its owner.

So how has the important Carbon dating clock been set for dating Neanderthal man? We shall examine the evidence which shows that this C14 dating process as it is presently calibrated is only good for dating things back 2-3,000 years.

Scientists claim they have accurately calculated the age of Neanderthal bones by using this Radio Carbon C14 method. C14 is a type of carbon formed in the upper atmosphere when cosmic radiation particles bombard it. It forms radioactive carbon dioxide and from the atmosphere in minute quantities through photosynthesis passes into plants and animals and so is absorbed by all living things along the food chain. Natural carbon C12 is also present in all living things but in much greater quantity. The ratio of C12 to its minute cousin C14 is constant in all living things (today one C14 atom to one billion C12 atoms).

The scientists have accepted the assumption that C14 has been forming in the atmosphere constantly and continually for millions of years and that its build up which they calculate would have taken 30,000 years has reached its constant saturation point (the radiocarbon reservoir) and that as much C14 is now decaying as is being formed. C14 absorbed into any living thing during its life time starts to decay once it dies. Half its amount of C14 decays away in about 5,700 years, half of the remaining half decays away in a further 5,700 years and so on until immeasurably small. Once a plant or animal dies it stops taking in C14 and it starts to decay at the above rate while C12 stays the same.

The Calibrations given to the C14 clock:

5,700yrs after death 50% original C14 remains = 150 C14 counts per second.
after 11,400yrs 25% original ratio C14 remains = 75 C14 counts per second.
after 17,100yrs 12.5% original ratio C14 remains = 37.5 C14 counts per sec.
after 22.800yrs 6.25% original ratio C14 remains = 18.7 C14 counts per sec.
after 28,500yrs 3.12% original ratio C14 remains = 9.8 C14 counts per sec.
after 34,200yrs 1.56% original ratio C14 remains = 4.9 C14 counts per sec.

This dating test rests entirely on knowing exactly what the original ratio mix of C14 to C12 is or was. It is only accurate if the ratio is the same today as when the organism lived and remained constant during its life and its death up to the time of dating. If there had been less C14 in the atmosphere during its life than today it would have absorbed less and the ratio would read much lower giving it a much older false reading.

Evolutionists believe that there has been no change but experiments by Richard Lingenfelter, Hans Suess, V R Switzer and Professor Melvin Cook have shown that the C14 in the atmosphere is 'still' increasing at between 25 to 38% more than it is at present decaying. This indicates that the atmosphere because it has not yet reached saturation with C14 (saturation point is reached when the amount decaying as the same as that being formed) is either much younger than originally considered or at some earlier stage was protected from the present rate of cosmic particle bombardment and is still building up C14 to reach its saturation equilibrium point estimated to take some 30,000 years.

When calculating the equation back to the zero point of C14 in the atmosphere incorporating this 'greater build up to decay ratio' we get a starting date for the C14 build up in the atmosphere at only c10,000 years ago. This would drastically reduce the amount of C14 that was in the atmosphere and thereby absorbed by living organisms during their life times creating an artificially, much older dying date when using the presently calibrated C14 clock reading.

Scientists calculate Neanderthal disappeared some 32,500 years ago according to dating by C14, applying the erroneous assumption that C14 saturation has already been achieved. To arrive at a date of 32,500 years ago the C14 reading in the Neanderthal bones would have been c 2% of original ratio, giving a C14 clock reading of c 6 counts per second.

Reworking the date using the 10,000 year period of C14 build up and the 2% of original ratio ( 6, counts per second ) used in the evolutionists original calculation. Then if a Neanderthal had died say 4,400 years ago and the absorption of C14 into the atmosphere had only been going on for 5,600 years then at death the Neanderthal would only have absorbed 18.67% of the scientists anticipated full saturation amount of C14 (If absorption into the atmosphere started 10,000 years ago then 4,400 years ago absorption would have been in operation for 5,600 years, if saturation takes 30,000 years then 5,600 years would be 18.67% of 30,000 years). This would give a false calculation for the year of his death showing erroneously that he had been dead for 14,286 years at the time he died.

Reducing the ratio to the same 2% reading (6 counts per sec) as follows:
Plus 5,700 years only 9.34% C14 remains.
Plus 11,400 years only 4.67% C14 remains.
Plus 17,100 years only 2.34% C14 remains.
Plus 18,756 years only 2% C14 remains, at a 6 count reading.

Take the 18,756 years and subtract the 14,286 excess years gives a 4,470 year old death date for the Neanderthal, a lot more recent than the 32,500 year set by the scientists. So is there any evidence that the Neanderthal race went extinct only 4,400 years ago?

The date 4,470 years ago comes right within the time frame the ancient manuscripts reveal the Nephilim was on the earth 4,380 to 4,500 years ago. They were apparently only around for some 120 years, why and who were they?

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