6. An Atmospheric protection layer

Fragments of Research Paper 38

Part III

Written by John Denton 28th Dec 1996

These ancient manuscripts refer back to when a water vapor, screen layer was suspended above the atmosphere, probably held in place by counter balancing effects of centrifugal, magnetic and gravitational forces* (see foot note 3). In fact Saturn today, has suspended around it atmospheric rings, although very different in composition to that which would have surrounded the earth. This earth's vapor layer would have had to have been much wider than Saturn's rings, roofing the earth's atmosphere, thicker over the equator, tapering down towards the poles, forming a massive atmospheric climate controlling mechanism.

This mechanism would have dissipated the thermal heat rays of the sun more evenly over the entire surface of the earth. Protecting the equator regions from overheating as we experience today and dispersing the heat out toward the polar regions, making for a more even temperate climate throughout the entire earth's surface. This would explain the evidence found on the earth of temperate vegetation and animals found living so close to the polar regions and why warm climate animals living in these arctic areas were suddenly destroyed and preserved in ice. Also why the desert areas of the earth today show evidence that during the earlier chapters of mans history there was abundant water supplies and lush vegetation throughout the year, the very same temperate climate that the Neanderthal lived in.

Could this also explain the dilemma some archaeologists have when they find evidence that the Great Sphinx of Egypt built before the pyramids shows signs of exposure to rainfall weathering over a long period. While the pyramids show no evidence of it as for the last 4,000 years their has been very little if any rainfall in Egypt, had the earth's climate changed radically between the building of these two great structures by the removal of this water suspension canopy?

This protective outer layer surrounding the earth's atmosphere dissipated the warmth around the earth similar to the effect of a green house roof. Just as the panes of glass block the suns harmful radiation rays entering the green house (i.e. you will never get a suntan sitting inside a glass green house on a sunny day) so the water vapor screening layer above the atmosphere would have protected the earth from these cosmic harmful C14 forming rays. Unprotected today from the constant bombardment of these rays we are subject to the effects of premature ageing. Science is now linking the bombardment of these radiation rays to cell and DNA breakdown as causing part of human ageing process (see further related material on Telomeres).

This water vapor screen protected life from the harmful exposure of direct cosmic radiation rays from the sun, preventing the infiltration of harmful radio carbon C14. As already discussed this would account for the atmosphere still building up its levels of C14 not having reached its saturation point yet estimated by some scientists to take approximately 30,000 years. If this figure is correct then from a starting point for the build up of C14 some 5,000 years ago there would be a further 25,000 years to go before saturation is reached.

This would have the effect of causing all carbon dating done so far to be thrown out of the window as the clock on which all these dates have been calculated has been set at a wrong starting time through assuming that saturation in the atmosphere was reached millions of years ago, whereas this evidence dictates that it still has not been accomplished.

7. What caused the removal of this benign protective layer?

According to the manuscripts, because of the situation of interbreeding between humans and exterrestrial races the earth had acquired a fearsome, hybrid half-caste race of Neanderthals (Nephilim). This situation of interbreeding caused, violence and bloodshed to fill the inhabited earth and had to be dealt with, this intolerable situation had to be removed, wiped out completely or otherwise civilization as we know it today would not have been able to come about. According to the Greek manuscripts* (see foot note 3 Greek Codex Sinaiticus) the suspended water vapor layer, provided the means to do this.

At a pre determined date the suspended layer was broken up, the manuscripts indicate according to chronological calculations this to have been almost 4,400 years ago* (see further related material, R/P 32) the falling of the deluge waters came from the breaking-up of this suspended water canopy. Possibly the balancing centrifugal, magnetic and gravitational forces holding it in position were adjusted in some way.

Scientists acknowledge that the earth's magnetic force fields have at certain times reversed themselves. Surveys of paleo-magnetism, the study of lava rocks which contain iron particles, when these rocks were cooling and solidifying from a liquid state the iron particles would line up in line with the direction of the earth's magnetic field leaving behind a record of the direction of the magnetic field at the time. These surveys have revealed that the earth's magnetic field was reversed on more than one occasion. Did a reversing of the magnetic field provide the trigger mechanism setting off a controlled reaction that lead to the pulling down of the water vapor layer?

The billions upon billions of tons of water vapor could have been drawn down mainly at the poles by gravitational forces, condensing vapor into water and water into ice accompanied by high velocity winds. Almost overnight causing dramatic changes to the former earth's temperate climate.

The build up of great pressures of water and ice falling mainly onto the polar regions would have forced it in glacier form to spread rapidly out over the surfaces of the globe toward the equators, gouging out valleys under the rapid movement of mountains of ice being bulldozed out under massive back pressure. Everything in their paths would have been destroyed. With the continual falling of this water and ice for 40 days* (see foot note 4) at both poles with more and more ice building up behind its mass pressure quickly built up until its sheer weight cracked the earth's mantle buckling it and braking it up into the 'tectonic plate' continental land pieces. These great continental land mass plates, crushed against one another forcing up mountain ranges while the weight of the massive ice glaciers along with millions of tons of additional water forced down great surface depressions allowing the water to settle into these new ocean basins that we have today. (See footnote 4)

8. The evidence fits the theory:

How does the evidence fit with this? Did the deluvian mechanism provide the criteria that resulted in the formation of the worlds continental plates?

It certainly could have provided the energy to create the tremendous forces needed to tear apart and crack up the earth's crust. It could also have provided the on going energy to drive these cracked continental plates apart in some places, over riding neighbouring plates in others compressing and forcing plate edges against one another with such force as to drive up and form the great world's mountain ranges that have come into existence.

The hypothesis that the crust of the earth could have been cracked up into the continental plates by a thickening of the earth's polar ice caps was put forward by Hapgood and Campbell in 1958, in their publication "Earth's Shifting Crust".

Professor Melvin Cook took this theory and modelled it. He started with a situation where the earth's mantel was fairly uniformly covered with crust from pole to pole. By creating a build up of ice at the poles he finally cracked the crust, the fracture lines determined by the pressures being exerted from the opposing polar forces. These pressures on the earth's crust can be likened to the effect on the shell of a hard boiled egg being squeezed in a vice from both ends. When the earth's crust fractured it would have snapped rapidly and violently and like the pieces of the egg shell, quickly separated in some place, but in others forced up against one another.

Professor Cook believes the ancient Arctic ice cap a mass of some 100 million tons disappeared suddenly about 10,000 years ago. To explain this he says it would be necessary for the ice to have dissipated catastrophically he concludes the evidence proves the earth's crust was rapidly forced up into the great mountain ranges at about the same time. The mass of ice and snow released forming the present oceans.

Much evidence supports the above; that the earth not so long ago contained much less water on its surface and had far more dry land:

1. Vast masses of terrestrial animal remains have been found thousands of meters deep in the oceans, evidence that the land was once above sea level.

2. Marine animal remains including whale skeletons bear evidence of sudden extinction having been found hundreds of meters above sea level, evidence of some phenomena causing the water to suddenly and dramatically to raise above the original sea level.

3. Thousands of flat top islands over 1,000 meters high have been charted at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. They are encrusted with coral revealing that they at one time must have been at or near the surface.

4. The island of Great Britain was once linked to Europe by a connecting plateau now 20 meters below sea level, it was once all dry land, remains of forests, animal and human bones have all been found on this plateau, evidence of a previously lower sea level.

5. The Oceans and Seas at present cover some 70% of the earth's surface. It has been calculated that if 20% of the earth's water was evaporated off some 50% more dry land would appear. With the re-emergence above sea level of much of the land that at one time was originally above the water. A suspended water vapour layer as described could have comfortably taken up this 20% amount of water .



* Foot Note 3:

Evidence in the manuscript records from the Masoretic text as per the Codex Leningrad B 19A manuscript as presented in Kittels Biblia Hebraica.

Ref Gen 1 vs 6 "God commanded "Let an expanse (atmosphere) come to be between the waters, and let a dividing occur between the two waters."

Ref vs 7 "Then God proceeded to create the expanse (atmosphere) causing a dividing between the waters that should be under the expanse (atmosphere) and the waters that should be above the expanse (atmosphere)".

Ref vs 8 "And he called the expanse "Sky" (the atmosphere in which the birds fly see vs 20).

Manuscript: Codex Sinaiticus Greek 3-4th Century British museum:

Ref 2 Pe 3 vs 5 "There used to be a Sky (Heavens or atmosphere) and a earth of old which stood out of water and in the middle of water suspended".

Ref 2 Pe 3 vs 6 "By means of this (suspended water) the inhabited world of that time was destroyed by being deluged with water".

* Foot Note 4:

Evidence in the manuscript records from the Masoretic text as per the Codex Leningrad B 19A manuscript as presented in Kittels Biblia Hebraica.

Ref Gen 7 vs 11 "... on this day all the springs of the vast water canopy was broken up and the windows of the heavens were opened".

Ref Gen 7 vs 12 "and the downpour upon the earth went on for forty days".

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