Upcoming Events:



Oct 15 - Queer Homecoming

Oct 15- Fat Hate in Film Workshop

Oct 18 - Free Self Defence Classes

Oct 20 -  Marilyn Wann: Author of Fat! So? Talk

Oct 24: Fat and The Progressive Community: The Relationship




Queer Homecoming



When: Friday, October 15th from 8pm to midnight

(X-treme Nightclub will still be open until 2)

What: $7 cover, 18+ welcome

Where: X-treme Nightclub (next to Sidekicks, downtown

at Riverside and Congress)



Bands @ 8 - TBA

DJ @ 10 - our very own, Notorious Brea G

@ 11:30 - we'll announce the winners of the Homecoming

Court.  we'll have sign-ups posted throughout the


@ midnight - X-treme Nightclub opens back up with a 30

minute Drag Queen Show, then dancing 'til 2


Drink Specials:

$1 well, $1 long necks all night




Fat Hate in Film workshop and Brown Bag Lunch


Where: The School of Social Work, Room 2.112


When: Friday, October 15th at 12:30pm


Why: To raise awareness of fat discrimination on campus and in our communities through film and discussion.  This is also intended to promote the following week’s events surrounding the visiting fat activist Marilyn Wann, author of Fat! So?  Laura Gladney-Lemon, a Women and Gender Studies graduate student at UT, will be facilitating the workshop.


Who: EVERYONE is welcome: whatever size, race, height, religion, gender or sexuality you may be!


So come, bring your friends, your smiles and your lunch, and sit down for an hour to discuss a topic that is not commonly brought up in discussions on discrimination. 


Fight Fat Phobia!


Sponsored by Social Work Council




Free Self Defence Classes

with Andi Shively

(women only)

Learn the Crazy Bitch Method of Self Defense

Beginning Monday Oct 18th

For four consecutive Monday’s


Texas Union Showroom


Marilyn Wann: Author of Fat! So?


Marilyn Wann, Author of Fat! So? will be speaking in WEL 1.308 October 20th at 7:30 p.m. as part of UT's third annual Love Your Body Day, a day-long event promoting positive body image and health among women on campus.  


Marilyn Wann is a fat rebel who has made it her life's work to help women love who they are, whatever their size or shape.  During a decade of third-wave feminist sassiness, she started The FAT!SO? Manifesto in 1994, an independently distributed 'zine that told women "not to apologize for their size," a motto that would later serve as the thesis for her book "Fat! So?" in 1999.  Heralded by many critics as "hilarious and eye-opening," the book addressed that "the pervasiveness and dangers of anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders are undeniable," and that "America needs an attitude adjustment. Fear of fat, she says, supports a $40 billion a year diet industry, destroys both relationships and self-esteem, and engenders 'loathing on a national level.' Her revolutionary idea? Eat right, exercise, and stop worrying about weight."


Her methods of fat activism are unorthodox, but highly effective, whether it is joining with other fat women to engage in activities like dancing, synchronized swimming, and cheerleading that are often considered "only for skinny girls" or creating civic pressure to remove discriminatory legal practices against fat people.That same year, she organized the "Eat me!" protest, which inspired San Francisco legislators to outlaw discrimination based on height and weight.


Marilyn is living proof that you don't have to wait one minute to get happy, to get healthy, or to get a life!  Come to Welch 1.308 on October 20th and 7:30 p.m. to hear it for yourself and to promote a day that supports positive female body image!


For more information, contact Laura Gladney-Lemon at (512) 587-4025 or email her at lgladney@mail.utexas.edu


For more information on Marilyn Wann, visit her website at www.fatso.com


Marilyn Wann is co-sponsored by:


The Interim Gender and Sexuality Center

The Women's Resource Center


The Orange Jackets

The Department of Women's and Gender Studies

Student Government


The Black Student Alliance

The Social Work Council

The Multicultural Information Center


With Special Thanks to: Monkey Wrench Books





Fat and The Progressive Community: The Relationship:

A roundtable with Marilyn Wann and Laura Gladney-Lemon



5pm at Monkey Wrench Books

110 E. North Loop