*********THE XEN CAMPAIGNS ----------------------- ***************A mod for Halflife/OpposingForce



October1 , 2003
No problems found so far with the zip file so I am going to make that one the main download now.
September 22, 2003-
We just can't seem to get a "smooth" installer working! Darn! I just put one together(for now)that is actually just a simple zip file you unzip straight into your "C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\gearbox" directory. It WILL temperarilly over-write a few pak0 files(causing you to be stuck with the TSF uniforms)but just delete the "pak1" file when you are done playing the whole mod and the old Op4 uniforms will be back. Check the readme file for more intructions. I'm going to include this zip file in the downloads section and call it "Xcmp/Uncut" as this zip-file/set-up is a rough draft of-sorts.
September 12, 2003-
I've had a bug in the installer reported to me, that causes an error during set-up, so a friend of mine might help me set up another installer that should operate more smoothly. Sorry for the inconvenience and I will start working on a readme file on how to get around this for now.
August 7, 2003-
The Xen Campaigns is ready for download. Be forewarned it IS a big mod but it is an installer so its only a 15 Meg download. Its 10 maps of actual battle and 4 "cutscene" maps, and its got pretty-much ALL the custom gearbox files copying into its custom mod files, making it 222 MEGS when the setup is complete! You may notice another optional file you may download that has extra "XcStuff" you can optionally install///namely the "Xc" custom logo, desktop shortcut, and the training map by itself(was going to be a teaser map).
July 19, 2003-
Got enough map-polishing done to move TheXenCampaigns from the alpha to the beta stage at this point.
July 11, 2003
Got enough input from my game testers to start some more map-polishing.


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Some Xen Campaigns Screenshots