Fiberfab and Classic Motor Carriges
    American Cars


Aztec (1960’s)
Aztec 7 (1970’s & 80‘s)
Classic Tiffany
Clodhopper ( Dune Buggy)
Gazelle (CMC)
Scarab (3-wheeled vehicle)
Speedster 356
Speedster 359
Vagabond (Dune Buggy)
1934 Ford Cabriolet
1934 Ford Victoria
1934 Mercedes

    Germany Cars
Bonanza GT
To the left is a list of all the cars that I know of that were built by Fiberfab or it's successor, Classic Motor Carriages (CMC). For the cars that are well represented on the internet, I will just offer links to the various websites. For the lesser known vehicles, I will try to offer some background and information on them within this site.

This information is provided from a variety of sources, but a majority of it was supplied by Lennart Swenson, to whom I am really grateful! He worked for Fiberfab for a short time and sent me most of his original material from the company so I could provide it to you folks. (LS) indicates its from his collection. (CG) indicates it's from my collection.

If you have questions or comments or would like to share your experiences with your Fiberfab or Classic Motor Carriages car, feel free to join us at our
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I originally had a different index page that showed pictures of each of these cars to offer a glimpse of the variety of vehicles that Fiberfab and CMC designed and built. This page took too long to view for people with slow connections and it ate up allocation of data transfer I receive from Geocities, so I created this page with fewer pictures. If you want to view the old page, it exists here:
Here are some other useful links:

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Fiberfabs First Beginnings: Selling Add-On Parts for Other Sports Cars

Un-related company in England also called “Fiberfab”. Sold the “Rat”.
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