Ever wanted to know what kind of work
goes into switching your interior color?

Below are come pics of the process I've made on my 86 GT. I'm still looking for original interior pics, but it was beige.


Painting the dash with a semi-gloss gray interior paint

This is the condition I drove the car around in for about a week-
not much interior except seats carpet and the main dash.

Note the new dash map pocket and finished dash.

Day #3

Passenger side carpet out, which was extremely easy once the seat's 4 bolts were out-
just pull carpet out, make sure seat belt reciever pulls through its hole.

Putting the new carpet in is just as easy, once again pulling seat belt
reciever through hole is only thing you have to do.

Last thing to do is make sure the carpet lines up perfectly!

Same thing, driver's side

Next was the door panels. This is the beginningof covering the carpeted lower door panels in vinyl
Inexpensive, not too hard. Peeled off the edge of the carpet, cut a piece of fiberboard to the shape of the lower door
panel and covered that in vinyl, then adhered that to the door itself.

Here is a pic of the uncompleted door panel from the front, with the map pocket on

Another unfinished door panel pic

Day #4

Finished door panel

Back shelf in black

The start of a new headliner

Roger working on my headliner

Finished headliner in Gray

Almost finished passenger side interior

Almost finished dash

If only I had a steering wheel that matched!

Back to my 86 GT!