Character Traits

Characters are an important element of a story. The traits of a character can be stated, or they can be shown to the reader by the characters actions. For example, when you are reading a story, the writer might tell you that the main character is a generous person. The writer could also show you that the character is generous by telling about a time when the character was generous. Well-developed characters help to make very powerful stories.


Read the story Jack and the Beanstalk (easy) Jack and the Beanstalk (hard) Using the main characters from Jack in the Beanstalk, make a character cube using an old milk carton. On each side of the cube, glue a picture of the character, as well as words that describe the character. Here's the catch - you cannot use words that are stated in the story!You can only use traits that are shown by the things that happen in the story. When your cube is complete, you will share it with the class. So, because your descriptive  words are not stated in the story, be prepared to defend your description with an example from the story! (For example, if you say that the giant's wife is nice, you  might defend that statement by saying "In the story, the giant's wife helped Jack hide from the giant.")


How to make a milk carton cube:



With adult supervision!!! With adult supervision!!! With adult supervision!!! With adult supervision!!! With adult supervision!!!

Materials: Two milk cartons that are the same size, masking tape, glue, construction paper, markers, white drawing paper


  •  Cut the bottom off of two milk cartons
  •  Place one inside the other nice and snug
  •  Tape together at sides with masking tape
  •  Cover with construction paper, wallpaper, or fabric.
  •  Draw pictures of the characters
  •  Glue one character on each side of the cube
  •  Glue or write traits for each character next to the drawing of that character
  •  Share your cube with a friend!