The Importance of 'Plot' in Stories

The plot is the main story of a piece of writing. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

In the beginning, we learn about the characters, the setting, and typically, about a problem or problems that our hero needs to resolve.

In the middle is where most of the action takes place. Here is where our hero discovers that his his problem is not so easily solved!

The ending is where our hero finally resolves the problem, or problems, and lives happily ever after. (Well, at least is fairy tales.)


Let's read a story and play around with the plot a little:

In Meet Addy, Momma and
   Addy try a daring escape
   from slavery after Poppa and
   Sam are sold to another
   plantation owner. They need
   courage and faith to travel
   north to freedom. Can they
   overcome each challenge and
   gain that freedom? To find
   out, travel with them on their
   dangerous journey.
•With a partner, read Meet Addy.

•After reading the story, go back and pick a wrong choice. 

•Brainstorm on your own or with a partner some things that could have happened instead, as a result of that choice being made.

•Rewrite the story from the point of that choice. Since the beginning of the story remains the same, you will be re-writing only the middle and the end of the story.

•Edit, revise, and write your final draft. Be prepared to share your story.