The track. The air. The dirt flying. The glory. The smell of freshly cut roses. The winner's circle. The victory. The triumph. Churchill Downs.

If these words don't stimulate you, then you are not a fan of

Thoroughbred Racing

Kent Desormeaux atop Real Quiet after their victory in the 1998 Kentucky Derby.

The Close Calls

They won the big fight, the Kentucky Derby; they took home the next trophy from the Preakness Stakes... but then came that final jewel...

1998 ~ Real Quiet

1999 ~ Charismatic

Certain people have changed our world by accomplishing undeniable feats of passion and courage.
The horse world is no different. They have set the standards for racing and act as ghosts of time,
always beating the clock, one step ahead of the competitors of today.
These are the ones referred to as

The Greats

Man O' War
Big Red
The Wow-horse
The Heartbreaker
The American Hero
Phar Lap
The Aussie Collosus

Poems In Tribute

Special Place

Seattle Slew, the racing world will not be the same without you.

In Loving Memory, Affirmed. 1975-2001

May they run forever young and free.

Member of the Thoroughbred Racing Ring
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art by Cindy Pierson

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