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On September 11th 2001 I was at home, preparing to leave for work. On my way out the door I heard
on the news that something exploded inside the WTC. I can't place in words what I felt at that moment
other then numb. My company has offices in the WTC and I have to enter the WTC to get to our other
branch office in Jersey City. I grabbed my cameras and ran to the station. On my way to work I heard
something had also happened to the second building.

While standing outside the WTC staring up in amazement along with thousands of other people.
I watched EMS load people strapped down in stretchers into ambulances and cops block people from
getting closer to the WTC. Then the buildings fell.

These are the pictures I took of the aftermath I wonder what happend to those people I saw strapped
down in those stretchers, I wonder what happend to the dectives and police men and women keeping
me at a safe distance while risking their lives. And now four days later as I type this and tears stream
down my cheaks for the first time do I realize what I saw, what I stood so close to.

What could I do but watch? View these pictures and remember what happened, if you feel anything at
all from these pictures I took, please donate $1 to United Way of NYC . Your money will go to the families
of the victims. If you would like a postcard size high quality print of any one of these photo's and have
donated $50 or more, please forward the  United Way of NYC  confirmation that will be sent to you via
email to me. It should include your mailing address. If you would like a 8x10 photo please donate $100
or more. When you forward your confirmation please tell me which photo you would like.

 My photographs

Please send copies of these photo's to your friends, and other people

you know.

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