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Sportster Classic

Obviously the best looking bikes being produced today are the ones that look the most like the Hydra-Glide and the Duo-Glide. These would be the Heritage Softail Classic and the Road King Classic. Unfortunately the price tag on these bikes is outrageously beyond the means of many, especially first time buyers. So what's a person with a small wallet to do? Buy a Sportster? This would be an option, if they didn't look so ugly. That peanut tank and skinny front-end are just too repulsive to live with. This leaves only two options: the Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic, and the Honda Shadow Aero. All right, that radiator is pretty repulsive to, so the only option is the V Star 1100 Classic.

The V Star 1100 Classic has only one drawback, it doesn't have the name Harley-Davidson on it. What's the remedy to this problem? Harley-Davidson needs to make a bike to compete with it.

Sportster Classic

Such a bike would be relatively easy for the Motor Company to make. Most of the necessary parts are already in production. Mechanically, the Sportster is a good bike for the money; it just needs a facelift. Here are the things that need to be put on a Sportster to make it look like a decent bike:

Like all of the Sportster, both an 883 and 1200 versions should be made.

What should this new Sportster be called? How about the Sportster Classic.

Do you think this bike is a good idea? Then help me make this bike a reality. Petition Harley-Davidson to make this bike. Write them a letter today. Here, I'll help you. Here's the letter. Just sign your name to it.

Willie G. Davidson
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
3700 W. Juneau Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Mr. Davidson:

Please make a bike to compete with the Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic. Make the following additions to a base Sportster:

A picture of this bike can be found at the following Internet address:

Yours truly,