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Welcome people! This is a shrine dedicated to the best anime series out there, Dragon Ball (including Z, GT and AF). Um... did you just say AF? Yes, I did!This is the mystical unreleased and under works DB series! Mostly fan stuff thoughI'll try to post up as many rumors about this as possible. Just bookmark this page to see what's new!
Omega Jester's Dragon Ball Shrine
My power is unmatched... a fight with me will be your death wish....
Majin Boo saga en Espanol
Dragon Balls Explained
Black Star Dragonballs
Dragon Ball GT Episode Guide
Dragon Ball GT Episode Summaries
Biographies from ALL the Dragon Ball Characters
Classic Moments of Dragon Ball
Brolli- the Master Himself revealed
Dragon Ball AF- Myth or Legend?
Dragon Ball AF Pics
Dragon Ball Pics
Death Avenue- the many deaths
Power Levels in Saiyan Terms
Power Levels in Numeric Terms
Saga Summaries
Special Moves