Human are the less homogenous and more prolific of the mayor 
inteligent races. Their height is between 1.5 m and 2.0 m (5 
to 10 cm less for females) and their weight is between 40 kg 
and 130 kg. They have a skin that varies from pale white to 
jet black, with redish, yellow or brown tanned variants. Hair 
colour also range from fair to red to brown or to black. Males 
from most ethnics, if not shaved, have facial hair.

    Culture and social habits:

 Humans live in settlements that can be very different in 
size, from individual or familiar huts to largest cities 
in the world.
 Most common form of human governament is the kingdom, althogh 
some republics are know to have existed in the past. Less 
technology advanced groups tend to live in small tribes (much 
like trolls).

 Social habits change from country to country, but in most 
places patriachal monogamy is the rule with some poligamic 
cultures (more than 1 wife). It's rumoured that a gruop of 
wild womans rule a hidden kingdom, where males are slaves.

 Humans live in every climate or terrain found in the world 
(excluding the bottom of the seas) but larger cities are placed
in medium and subtropical climates. Sources of water and land
fitted to be cultivated are preferred.

 Most organized groups tend to create irrigated cultives (mostly 
of cereal plants) and to herd large amounts of cattle as source 
of food. The trade between settlements (humans and from other 
races) is one of the most important sources of richness.

 They have almost ever one of the better techology in every field, 
as humans are adept to learn from other cultures the secrets of 
their most specialized crafts.

 Almost all humans groups know the metal working techniques to 
use iron. Horse-riding and whelled vehicles are also common. 
Sailed and oar-powered ships are seen in evey city near to the 
sea or large rivers, only elves have better vessels.

 Their preferred weapon is the sword, but axes too are common in 
northern groups and spears in southern ones. Large scale armies
use long polearms (whenever mounted or foot troops) as main gruop
weapon. The war machines dessigns are very elaborate, including 
catapults and ballistae, only orcs have a technology similar in 
this field.

 In not-too hot climates armour are a must for warriors, the chain
mail is the most usual armour in advanced human groups. The plate 
armours are less common and only weared by elite groups, usually 
heavy calvary. Lesser status fighters use leather protections. In
groups with a less tight martial disciple the use of armour is
more rare.

 Humans follow a wide number of religions. Politheism is the most
common form, but there are some sects what promote monotheism. 
The panteons cover all range of gods, but usually the worship of
evil gods are forbbiden in most civilized areas. There are monastic
orders and temples in every settlement and in places all over the
countriside near human controled territories.

 Humans have explored all fields of magic and humans wizards, when
not being the best in any field, have reach large achievements. 
Some countries have institutional magical orders while others are 
ruled by magic users themselves. Usually there is a great deal of 
confrontation between magic users and priestly powers.