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Team Alberta's grinding away at the mysteries of biology continues!

Download the Folding@home software!

We are Team Number 86!


We're fighting diseases and doing MAJOR scientific research! Just by donating computer time! And Team Alberta is a powerful force in this donation!

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Alberta Flag
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Current World Rankings:

1st series, Folding@home: 13th in the world! (retired)
2nd series Folding@home: 127th in the world! (active)

Top Alberta Folder: Randy Kopach!

But we miss Damaxmax

Alberta, believe it or not, has a strong technological influence. In the course of travelling, I've never met a group of people like us Albertans, who are so technologically adept. Show the world what we can do!

Sometimes, it's tough for a single person, with no degree in biochemistry or physics, to make a contribution. This is the PERFECT way to get involved and make a difference!

We're fighting parkinsons, huntingtons, cancer, alzheimers, and doing just regular old-fashioned research. And we didn't even have to go to school!

This is a non-profit, entirely volunteer project! Tell your friends about us. We're growing!