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The Programs

Basically, when you go to the Folding website and get a program, you have 3 options. The "Screensaver", the "Graphical Client", and the "no-nonesense console".

The Screensaver: It looks good. It shows you the flashy colours, shows you proteins flashing across your screen. Therefore, your computer folds proteins ONLY when the screensaver is on. SLOWEST OPTION!

The Console: It's not flashy. No colours, no fancy graphics, BUT it IS the TRUE WORKHORSE of the Folding@Home programs. It runs in the background on low priority, and won't conflict with anything. MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION!

The Graphical Client:It's basically the most downloaded one. Not only does it run on IDLE mode like the console, it actually shows you what it's doing. It can also run as a Service, which means you just get a little folding icon at the bottom corner of your computer, and doesn't take up tab space. I prefer the no-nonsense console, but it's cool to watch the proteins work once in a while.

I recommend: The console, of course!

To Join Team Alberta (Team Number 86!)

When you install the program, it'll ask you for a Username. It will then ask you your team number. We're team number 86.

Any name is okay, and you don't have to use your real name.

Welcome to the team!

Initially, don't let the stats of your work get you down. It takes patience and determination. I do this because I like the race against other teams. But if there were no teams, I'd do this anyways, because we're doing something good for humanity.