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  1. Beer
  2. Salt
  3. Water
  4. Townships & Villages
  5. Individual, Historical Records
  6. People and Places in General


1. Beer

Hostelries, Beer-houses and Public Houses, Northwich Cheshire, UK: 17th - 20th Centuries. *Denotes still in business.

·       Addresses and brief descriptions of each establishment,

·       Links to old photographs of the same where available.


Licensees, Northwich, Cheshire, UK: 17th - 20th centuries.

·        The above establishments arranged in alphabetical order, with lists of their known Licensees,

·        Dates of  ‘occupation’,

·        Links to appropriate census &/or other information.


The above Licensees listed Separately, in alphabetical order.

·        (If you know the name but not the ‘place’ you might be able to find a link from here.)

·       [Note: Where a name has no link, e.g. because the establishment is ‘unknown’, other details may be given; also, see next link]


Beer houses Without Names

·       Beer house Keepers, some with location, but the ‘establishment’ is not named - (It was often their own home.)

·       1851 census detail where found.


Beer Retailers from the 1851 Census


2. Salt

The Salt Industry and its Legacy (for Northwich, and its surrounding countryside)

Vivid descriptions: -

·       The Flooding of Platt's Hill Salt Mine, 1880

·       A Report on Mining Subsidence, 1882. (With link to a Continuation of the same report).

·       26th September 1896: Damage to House in the Town Centre (Tabley Street)

·       ‘Northwich Lake Disappears’ (1912).

·       Wincham Road & Marston: (1913 & 1914).

·       An ‘Interesting Description’ of local Salt Making, c.1669, by a Dr. William Jackson.

·       The old Adelaide Mine (Marston).

·       An ‘interactive’ aerial map of Ashton’s and Neumann’s Flashes, as they were in 1946.

·       Parish Clerk’s Diary 1747-1834, noting significant local and national, events.

·       Various illustrations and links to old photographs and further information, e.g. mine maps.

·       Today’s Environment (Link to Vale Royal Borough Council ‘Environment’ Site – no link back to mine!)


A Visit to The Crystal Ballroom, 1838

·       A glittering (and informative) description of a visit to a salt-mine by Osborne in his ‘Guide to the Grand Junction Railway’.

·       Link: Copy of a Licence Subscription to use his Steam Pump by James Watt (& Mathew Boulton), 1779.


Report on the Rock-Salt Mines 1882…..


A Retrospective Report covering 1721-1958 Northwich

(with map)


Salt Workers & Irish Inhabitants from the 1881 Census


The areas covered by the old Compensation Acts.  (It was later updated further.)

·       With map, & photograph of what was the Cheshire Brine Subsidence Compensation Board building.


Owner Indexed map of the old Marston Mines.

(Longish download).


Map showing roughly the same area as above,

but with ‘above ground’ details, including the ‘Boreholes’.


Mines beneath Northwich town centre.

·        Barons Quay, Witton Bank, Pennys Lane, & Neumann’s- Witton Street.

             (Large file – longish download).


Local Salt Proprietors of 1865

(Includes Winsford)


People Shipping Salt (Rock & White)

·       On the River Weaver, between  1737-1914.


The Ancient Saltways

·        (With map)


The First Alkali Works at Winnington

·       Brunner-Mond 1873.


3. Water

A subjective ‘Historie’ of the Weaver Navigation


Boat (Flat/Barge ) names; name of Shippers, type of Cargo, and to whom Shipped.

·        People, Boats & their cargoes travelling and working on the Weaver from April 1762 to January 1766.


Boat (Flat) names, Owners & Captains

·        October 1859 – August 1894

             (In a list of what each boat could carry when fully laden, giving an indication of size.)


Weaver Navigation Watermen’s Strike of 1892.

·       When the Hussars were called to Winsford and the Riot Act was Almost Read.


River Transport, from a Retrospective Account of 1948

·       (from the Brunner-Mond/ICI - 75th anniversary issue of ‘Alkali News’, November 1948.)

·       Photographs included.


Three Tales of Coastal Craft Gallantry

·       During WW2


Names of Water Craft at Brunner-Mond/ICI from 1874 – 1948.

·       (With each Craft’s Ultimate Fate.)

·       Photographs.


4. Townships & Villages

Main History Page


·       Northwich Area Freeholders, 1578

·       Northwich Town Plan and Owners of Property/Land c.1600

·       Concerning the Plague (16th & 17th centuries) in Cheshire.

·       Directory Descriptions and Histories with listed Residents, of Northwich and her surrounding townships in:-

1791, 1828/9, 1834, 1850, 1857, 1865, 1892, 1914 [Follow the progress of various families!]


·       The 1841 Census for Anderton, Barnton, Leftwich, Marbury, Marston, Wincham, Witton-cum-Twambrooks.

·       The 1851 Census for Acton, Allostock, Anderton, Barnton, Birches, Castle-Northwich, Cogshall, Comberbach, Crowton, Cuddington, Delamere, Hartford, Hulse, Leftwich, Little Leigh, Marston, The hamlet of Milton, Nether Peover, Oakmere, Onston, Weaverham township, Wallerscote with Weaverham lordship; Gorstage, Sandiway & Whitegate, and Witton-cum-Twambrooks. [There is a separate Surname Index for Witton-cum-Twambrooks. However names can also be searched individually through the Index at the top of this page.]

·       The 1891 Census for Leftwich

·       Cheshire Owners of Cheshire Land, from the 1873 Return.

·       Historical accounts, stories, & information about local places and people.

·       Other – also linked directly from this page (the one you are reading now) e.g. see 5., below.

·       Malbon’s Memorials  (Civil War)

·       Burghall’s ‘Providence Improved’ (Civil War)

·       Appendices to the above two (Civil War Period)

·       Some Soldiers Who Died (Civil War)

The 1851 Census for Chester Castle Prison & Knutsford Prison


·       1900/01 Telephone Directory for Northwich


5. Individual, Historical Records

(Other than census)

Northwich hundred Poll Tax, 1660 – and the Hearth Tax for Northwich & Witton, 1664


Marriage Licenses & Bonds, 1635 – 1765. (Northwich & Witton)


Wills & Inventories, 1577 – 1780 (Northwich & Witton)


Wills & Inventories, 1781 – 1837 (Northwich & Witton)


Two examples of Wills, from Northwich – 1519, & Whitegate – 1623.


Rudheath Poll Tax 1600 – and Hearth Tax 1664


Rudheath Wills & Inventories 1662 - 1837  


Leftwich Wills & Inventories 1576 – 1837


Leftwich Marriage Licenses & Bonds 1692 – 1717


Leftwich Poll Tax 1660 & Hearth Tax 1664


Castle Wills & Inventories 1616 – 1837


Lostock Wills & Inventories (& One Marriage Bond) 1586 - 1847


Cuddington Wills 1590-1837


A few Cuddington Marriages 1692-1719


Weaverham Wills 1599-1837


Weaverham Marriages 1639-1719


Civil War Soldiers listed in Nantwich Parish Burial Registers.


Cheshire Transportees


Cheshire Wills (Contributor's page) 1578 - 1884  [INDEX]


Northwich Soldiers Who Died in WW1


6. People and Places in General

General List of Maps (linked)


The Marbury Lady


The Crescent and the Poultry House


A Brief History of Winnington Hall


Northwich, ‘described’ in 1907

·       (27th September)


Northwich, again described in 1907

·       (A month later: 26th October)


Chester Quarter Sessions Records and other records of the Justices of the Peace

·       (Abstracts, 15281760)


Items from the police courts &c. Reported in Local Newspapers of 4th & 11th January 1902