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Structure and Function of the Human Machine


Human machine has seven different functions, five ordinarily and two potential.

Each function:

Lower brains are in essence and develop independently of each other, personality fills the brains.

To obtain a correct and permanent connection between the lower centres and the higher centres:

Each human being born with a dominant brain:

Balanced brains indicate man number 4 = balanced man (only possible normally as result of school work).

Ordinarily, lower brains work independently and accidentally, connected mostly by accidental associations. Intentionally, and later, consciously, can learn to work together with will and effort.

Physical body divided into three stories: upper, middle, lower.

Each centre occupies whole physical body, with localization (centre of gravity) in specific area.

Subject of attention shows which centre is operating.

Each lower centre divided into three parts, degree of attention shows which part is operating.

Important to remember that in observing different functions it is useful to observe at the same time their relation to different states of consciousness (first, second, third, and fourth states).

Functions can exist without consciousness, and consciousness can exist without functions.