The Body Wrap - TTouch
Paraphrased from Getting In TTouch with your Dog by Linda Tellington-Jones

The Body Wrap enhances your dog's sense of his or her own body and makes them more confident in his movements and behavior. It's especially for dogs that are afraid of loud noise, nervous, hyperactive or panic when riding in a car. The Body Wrap also helps injured dogs to recover; moreover, it's helpful for older, stiff and arthritic dogs. There are several versions of the wrapping. Experiment with various configurations to find out which type of Body Wrap is the most appropriate and comfortable for your dog.

You will need one or two elastic bandages, 2 to 3 inches wide, the kind used as a wrap in first aid ("Ace" is one brand name). Do NOT use the self sticking kind. You will also need safety pin(s).

The Half Wrap is used mainly on dogs that are nervous about having their hindquarters wrapped or on dogs who have knee or hip problems. Place the center of the elastic bandage across the dog's chest, then cross the ends on the back and under the belly. Take both ends up to the back and secure them with a safety pin.

Full Body Wrap (one version)
Place the middle of the bandage across the dog's chest and cross the ends once on the back. Then take both ends (without crossing them) between the back legs and back along the outside of the thighs. Sling the ends through the bandage on both sides of the body and connect them on the back. Make sure that the bandage stays as flat as possible. If it's too loose it will not be very effective. However if it's too tight it can interfere with your dog's movement and impair circulation.

The T-shirt Wrap
Take on old T-shirt and place the dog's head through the neck and their front legs through the arm holes. Take up the slack behind their back and either simply knot the extra or use a rubber band to keep it tight. This doesn't help with contact to the hindquarters but it is similar in effect to the Half Wrap.

IMPORTANT NOTICE AND PRECAUTION: Never leave your dog unattended while they are in any form of a Body Wrap. Always keep them under supervision. The danger and concern is that the wraps could get caught on something and cause harm to your dog.

A Body Wrap can be left on for a few minutes or left on for hours. It's just a mater of your individual dog's tolerance and comfort. Remember, do not have the bandages too tight as to cause discomfort or cut off circulation, but they do need to be on tight enough to stay on while the dog is moving around. Some adjustment is likely needed as the dog wears a Body Wrap.