Brian's Links
Frog-related websites
The British Dendrobatid Group- a good informational website

Saurian Enterprises- There are not many breeders that I will recommend, but Pat Nabors is definitely one of them.

Kingsnake Dart Frog Forum- a  forum for exchanging ideas and getting help with frog problems.  It is a somewhat reliable source because sometimes the advice is inaccurate and the postings are of very little substance.  However, that just depends on who answers your post.

The FrogNet Classifieds- a good site for finding CB darts from some of the better known breeders.

International Amphibian Day- an annual event that raises money for the M.A.R.S. foundation.  Many top breeders sell their frogs at this event.

Robb Melancon's Homepage - the webpage of a good friend who has had experience with some really neat frogs.  Lots of pics to look at.