Alot of people ask, so I better clear up the confusion.  NO, I do not have darklands (blue) pumilio.  I lost them 3 years ago.  Don't ask the details, its too depressing. :(

I hope to find more of these one day, and work with them again.  I do miss them. 
calling male courting female green pumilio
Just some ramblings on keeping and breeding pumilio......

*  Pumilio tend to like it warmer and drier than other dendrobatids.

*  They seem to produce and care for more tads when kept in small groups

*  Its a good idea to change out the bromeliads every 2-3 months, or when a            group of tads morphs into froglets.  Mine don't hold water as well longer than      that.

*  Be sure to continue feeding pumilio froglets spingtails, even after they are large     enough to take ff's.  Taking them off springtails too early can be detrimental. 

*  I've found that plastic spoons are handy for catching elusive froglets that              continually dive into axils when you try to catch them.

green pumilio eggs
blue pumilio
female bastimentos pumilio
green pumilio carrying tad