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Hi!  My chat name is leanonme, lean for short.  My family of five keeps me pretty busy, but when I get time to myself, I enjoy reading, chatting, surfing the web, and listening to music.

Have you learned something new today?  If not, read this little bit of info.  I will change this section as often as I can. 

Do you ever get a caffeine headache?  Here is what I understand to be the reason for your pain:  When you drink caffeine, your brain cells shrink (but they still work).  Since they shrink, they can then move closer together.  When the caffeine wears off, your brain cells return to their original size and "crash" into each other.  So next time you have a caffeine headache picture your braincells slam dancing!!

Test your 80's Trivia knowledge:

4.  How many of every three Americans don't drink or smoke excessively, according to Surgeon General C. Everett Koop?
5.  What sitcom is the most popular show on South African TV?
6.  What animals did Abu Dhabi give day-glo jackets to protect them from drunk drivers?

1.  What fancy-pants TV cop's Pepsi pact was axed after People shot him sipping Diet Coke?
2.  What Dennis Hopper movie wonders:  "Why are there people like Franklin in the world"?
3.  Which two seasons of 1987 saw Americans watching the Iran-contra hearings live on TV?

From The 1980's version of Trivial Pursuit.  Answers found at bottom of page.

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This is so cool, not that anyone cares where I used to live, but look!  You can click on these maps and Yahoo can show you anyway!!!

Here is where we lived when our second son was born
We lived here when our daughter was born
This is where I lived in second grade
We lived here when our first son was born

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Trivia Answers
1.  Don Johnson's
2.  Blue Velvet
3.  Spring, summer
4.  Two
5.  The Cosby Show
6.  Camels