We do not marry to divorce.
We do not get a job to change a job.
We do not live to die.

We do marry to live happily with someone else.
We do work to make people little happier and earn little amounts of money.
We do live to enjoy our life.

But sometimes it happens as a result.
And there is no doubt that we are going to die everyday.

World is so complex but I cannot help longing to live simply.
Love the only one man.
Work for my way.
Sleep every night and wake up every morning.


Today I've got an unofficial job offer since next spring.
Frackly speaking, I am little bit afraid of this.
This kind of matter, which going to deceid my future more or less, is made me very nervous.
I know that not so many workers work for their happiness.
Most of people work to get money to live happily.

From this kind of view, this offer is too much.
I can earn money and work for public event, so I can make not only People but also me happy.

But from another kind of view, it means that my dream to be a photographer is going to far from me.
My dream is to have a small open air studio in a village and take photographs from babies to olds.

I am just wondering and wondering.
There is no way to live with just a dream.
The problem is that my subconscious still believe that my dream come true someday.
Be awake, day dream believer.



   Now that FIFA World Cup is here in the Far East.
   Yesterday Japan and Belgium drew end in a 2-2 tie.
   Many people in the world thought that Belgium would win.
   But there is no idea to guess things exact in sports.
   For example, America beat Portugal today.
   That is why I like to watch it.

   The big problem is about tickets.
   It is really pity that people cannot go enter the studium,
   while there are many empty seats in the studium.


   Happy Birthday to my dear mama!!

   Now I am in the middle of Japanese typical 'Job Hunting' days.
   I really want to do is only one thing.
   The days pass through so quickly that I almost forget.


   slight moonlight upon the sky; +2

   the new cute wearings she showed me; +4

   a glass of beer the end of the day; +5

   freedom in my future; countless

   There is happiness which cannot count.
   You can feel it in"Kermit on the Air".

Here I show a photo took in Paris.

I really love Paris. I will go back there.

   Long time no see! On 9th April, I came back to Japan from Istanbul with my sister.
   It was a great journy to visit Europe again and Turky.
   If I could have enough time, I want to put photos on this web-site.
   But unfortunately, I am very busy to do job-hunting and graduate study.

   Last Friday, a friend of Akvile visited me.
   She is from Lithuania and now learning Japanese in Osaka, Japan.
   It was really nice to meet her and I got a present from Akvile and her.
   I took her around in Nara where I live.
   Now that I am interested in Lithuania and maybe next time, we will meet there.

   Surprise!!! I am going to Europe in this 10days!
   My younger sister wants to go, and my parents are very worried.
   So they said to me, "You can go with her, I'll pay for you."
   How lucky! And she wants to go Italy, so I am going there first.
   After this, I am going to Valencia for fire festival from 14th to 20th in March.
   And I will meet Barbara and Shumpei there!

   Our journy is from 16th February to 7th April, for this moment.
   My sister wants to go back to Japan earier, but there is no ticket.
   So we are wainting for someone cancel it.
   For me, it's great to stay in Europe long.

   Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!
   ※It seems to be too late to say such thing...

   Anyway new year has started and goes on.
   In Japanese tradition, people set a aim for the year at new year's day.
   But unfortunately, I haven't decided yet.
   For example, last year I set my aim.

   "Keep the balance for everything."

   I don't know I could carry it or not.
   I hope I could. And I could make my view wider last year.
   Because of the last summer's experience.

   I want to make my view more wider and wider.
   And don't forget to look at my foot.

as time goes by