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Frogg Legs Johnson is an eclectic band, featuring integrated acoustic and electric music and a blend of melodic art rock and simple song structure, due to the principle songwriters, Jon Wright (v) and Joe Pozniak (g), being heavily influenced by a unique blend of art rock, alternative, and classic singer/songwriters of a bygone era. Naysayers and critics may think such a blend is impossible, or worse, ridiculous, but Frogg Legs Johnson are determined to prove them wrong -- by performing great shows, writing innovative songs, and forming a core audience of music fans who will stick with us for our collective career. In other words, being artists vs. entertainers.
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Frogg Legs Johnson is currently working on recording an acoustic demo.
We are in need of a drumer, if anyone is interested send us an e-mail at Froggcentral@yahoo.com
Founded by it's two current members in Howell, Michigan, a typical small town in close proximity to Ann Arbor and Lansing, home to two of the midwest's most interesting and culturally diverse universities, their music is part of an extensive and impressive music scene in the region.
The site is live! We hope you all enjoy what little advance previews we can offer you concerning the FLJ experience, and hey, we'll see you all at the next show, right? --m.d.
Their debut release "The Best Is Yet To Come" (little more than a demo), has been available for several years, but could only be purchased directly from the band. The recording style was rudimentary, and much improvement has been made as they've matured, but even then a spark was there, something indefinable that seemed to indicate a promise of brilliant music to come and a career longevity to rival their idols, R.E.M. Work is being conducted on their "sophomore" release.
While modest, we hope this site will introduce you to what may very well become the next big thing in the music industry. We also hope to allow you access to something beautiful, regardless of interest by record companies.
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