Hiya, some of ya know me as Froggie, some know me as Jenn, and some of ya even know me as Jeter heh. I am 26,  born and raised mostly in Marietta/Atlanta Georgia, until i reached teen years at which time was implanted in Birmingham, Alabama. For those of you who love the southern accent, sorry but I do not have one, unless i accidently slip and say a southern slang. I have a daughter, Kylie, who will be 5 in April, she is the most precious thing in the world. I enjoy sports (especially baseball, GO BRAVES), dancing, music/concerts, and anything else that I live to tell about, if I don't live to tell about it chances are I still enjoyed it until I realized I was gonna die doing it.

There still alot to add to the site but I gotta go to bed before I fall out of chair heh. have fun :0)
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