Writing Journal
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Well I think it's time to begin my New Years resolution. Its seems fitting that my first entry in this journal should focus on my committment to making writing a priority in my life. So often I let other aspects of my life control this part of me that I love. Writing is the one thing that I feel I'm good at. Lots of people have strengths. Some people are athletes, some people are good with numbers and some people are great at decorating rooms.
   Writing is my strength. I may not be ready to win the gold yet, but someday.... Someday is the one thought that I draw strength from. Someday I will get published. Someday I will see my name on the cover of a novel at the book store. Someday my friends and family will understand and will support me completely, and not with those "sure you can do whatever you put you mind to" looks as they secretly wonder if I was dropped on my head as a child.  
   There is support for writers. I could find the support I was looking for so I created it. I have the most supportive on-line friends a writer could ever need. They are the helpful voice that praises my triumphs and embraces my oversights.
   Writing is my dream. Only I can make it happen. That's not to say that I don't need help, because I do and lots of it. Still no one but me can make me write. I am my biggest and fan and my toughest critic.