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Saturday, June 12, 2004
== Welcome To World Sites ==

World Sites is a group of sites related based on world events.

== Future == == Past ==

I will be working on some aspects of World Sites while I help my roommate prepare to sell his house and find myself a new place to live.

Hopefully I'll have found some place to live and have settled in a bit so I can get to sifting through all my little notes on how I want to start this all over again.

If all has gone well I will be introducing the first of World Sites.

June 12th
I've found a host so here it is ... the new home to World Sites. Now if I could just find a home for me.

June 10th
If you're ever feeling lost try searching for yourself on Google. Searching for myself, I came across a recent reply to an article I posted back in 1999. The title of this reply was "WHERE IS ..." and also included the name of another person who used to frequent some of the same forums. On one hand it doesn't seem like 5 years ago.

June 2004
I've been re-organizing all my old website ideas and have finally come up with something. I've been shopping around and trying to 'catch up' with what's available these days on the web. I see there has been quite a bit of progress!

May 2004
I've been thinking of working on my old websites. I've been doing a bit of planning. I don't think I will re-publish any old material but instead, I've decided to start over.

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