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Watt is up??? Is it the sky the moon or is it the stars lol while you are thinking about that hard question Ima thank you for checkin out my site 1 time lol. And if you don’t know who dis be lol this is Rashad Watson my real name is Chris but I use Rashad cus that’s the name Ima use when I become famous lol well if ya wanna know mo about me check out my about me page!

"Peeps gon talk S*** about you they gon tell you that you not gon make it but you cant let that stop u...keep yo head up...live and follow your dreams"

With 2 fingers up (peace) and the middle 1 for alll da hataz! im out holllllaaa pop dat colllaa while getting them dolllllas -one-(lol)

written @ 10:54AM on 4/23/2003
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My Top 7 songs
1. Ashanti – Rain On Me
2. 112 – Na Na Na
3. R. Kelly – Thois Thoing
4. Marques Houston – Clubbin
5. Beyonce – Baby Boi
6. Too Short – Shake Ya Monkey
7. umm i dunno Chettah Girls Lmao!

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