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"Life is like a bad dream...
...the only difference is you're never happy to wake up."
~*~ FRoST BiTtEn RoSe~*~
Hey there. My name is Shanon Long or             FRoST BiTtEn RoSe,and this..is my                 craptacular website!Ive mainly constructed this page for the group board, but i will certainly add a few other things.                

I'm 17 and I live in Ontario, Canada.I've been riding (horses!) for 10 years and the horse i am part boarding is named Peter. I love to party and hang out w/ me friends. I write poetry, and i love to water ski, swim and knee board. I have a cat named Skittles,who came home! yay!, a cat named Cedar , a new kitten named Chinook (Nooky ) and a dog called Skippy.IRight now i work at Wendy's and it FUCKING SUCKS! I love most types of music, but metal is the best. SLIPKNOT ROCKS!

To my friends
:  Jon (Bunny) You're the best, . Wedny's brought us together hehe( yeah the one good thing it's done for me...) I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend right now.And you're soooo sexy and your tummy is sooo nice.  ;)N i can't get enof of you  babe. GARETH we never talk anymore, this makes me horribly upset. Still gotta come and stay w/ me. Ur still sexy ;) Thanks for helping me out w/ me site. Jeremy, Il never forget you!!!!Kurd and Sour, you're the best if you know what i mean ;), Kevin, be nice to me :), Amanda i think we're soul mates ;), Justin, I'm sorry. What happened ok.  Tylor..singing polarbears. Garrett, I can be your best friend :),Shawn, i want to know the truth.; Katelyn, skanky underwear rocks,and we should be able to have sex all the time ;) Melissa,Hooray for guy teasers(breasts!)Aaron, BATHTIME BOUNCY~ Chantal, IM STILL YOUR TWIN!Jessica HOMENUNS 4 LIFE!Todd, tnx 4 bein there, Bobbie..u look hot in a dress! Mullet man!. Treavor,you'r awesome,Smoshy i miss you, Alanna life sux im always here for you ok,,Tori visit me soon! Tom,..cutter.Erin M... Go Kesh.. Jesse, I miss you. :*( Mikee, hot sauce on your burrito? Jenny, WENDYS SUCKS!Amy, boobie twins! Megan, you know who sucks, Robb, WE NEED TO HANG OUT..I'll miss you... Kandice, Lets get married!!!Nick, Chola kinda sounds like Choda. Ha.Chris, we are going to make amazing PM's, Erin..muffin..cupcake.., John, Im better at foozeball than you..Darren, get a life, ,Arvin; god sux, Bradon, I MISS YOU I NEVER SEE YOU!Nathan, GO YA! One monthy? Mark, I LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH...your head is the best!! ;)Jason, Good times at the cottage, EH? Allanah, you'd be the coolest little sister...no matter how Justin acts he feels the same way..ToY, haven't talked in a while...=\, but you prolly don't wanna talk to me anyways...Peter, hoorah for procrastination..fuck.Travis ,Dug urself a whole! Chris, you're the best fry bitch EVER! and everyone else that i didnt mention, I still love you!
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~Waiting To FInnish~
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My Bunny :)
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Shannon Long
Hey! Bcoz Gareth is the best, I have my group board up and working now. So if you want to draw pics online by yourself or w/ other people just click on this link...
~*Music Heals The Soul*~
"You don't need to bother, I don't need to be. I'll just keep slipping farther but once I hold on, I won't let go till it bleeds."
";I needed you more when you wanted us less. Could not kiss, just reget"
"Relax, it's over. You belong to me..
I fill your mouth with dirt.
Relax, it's over.. you can never leave..
I take your second digit w/ me...
" i hurt myself today to see if I still feel, I focus on the pain, the only thing that's real..."
"And remember, when everything is typical, I'll be the wish upon a star,
I've found a place so magical
"What if I missed you,
you got caught in the sun.
What if I did something
never to be undone?"
"Someone, Help me, Grab me,  Save me  Now,
   Distraught, darkened, Daylight, I've lost sight.
Someone, Help me, Grab me, Save me now
Distress ,Darkened, Daylight, I've lost sight. "
" Maybe we're all children of the stars,
Misguided in direction, a misdirection
Pardon me while I pray for NONE!"
" I wonder what's next...
"And it's been a while since I wasn't addicted, And it's been a while since I loved myself as well and..."
"How much must I live through just to get away?"
"I hate myself sometimes,
I cut mself.
I need this way of life,
Because it holds me."
"I never thought I'd die alone
I laughed the loudest who'd have known...."
"She can't hide no matter how hard she tries, her secret disguise behind the lies,
and at night she cries away her pride
eyes shut tight, staring at her insides.
All her friends know why she can't sleep at night, all her family asks if shes alright.
All she wants to do is get rid of this hell, ,well all she's gotta do is stop kidding herself.."
"I felt the hate rise up in me
kneel down and clear the stones of leaves
I wonder out where you can't see
inside my sheel I wait and bleed."
"I'm gone, goodbye..
it's so depressing..
withering away take a look inside
my soul is missing."
"Hideawaye, take me now.
I cannot face another round.
And in this darknesss I am tossing turning, lying wide awake
hold my breath, wish that i could find a place to hide away"
"So pardon me whlie I burnt
into flames,
I've had enough of this world
and it's peoples mindless games"
"Cause I have found,
All that shimmers in this world is sure to
fade away
"Baby set me free, from this misery, I can't take it no more..."
"I try to breath
the memories over taking me
I try to face them but
the thought is just too much to concieve"
"I want to be someone else or I'll explode...."
"The mystery's gone
bring back the sun
burry this hate
build it with love..."
"I fantasize about my death, I kill myself by holding my breath.
My suicidal dreams, voices in my head telling me what to do.."
"When I was just 13
and it was a Sunday morning I think
Yeah, I think both my parents were still asleep.
I remember I was going to play sick
so I didn't have to go to church that day.
And I turned around and there he was
holding a pillow.
He smelled of sweat and regret
And he said..