It has been seen as a symbol of evil and as a trademark of the Christian Devil and Devil worship. Represents the elements, earth, wind, fire and water with the spirit surrounding them


Pentagram With the Goat's Head Or the Goat of Mendes.This also is a very powerful Symbol in Satanism and Witchcraft


This symbol an emblem of rebellion. Means to abolish all laws. In other words "do what thou wilt" the law of Satanists. Used by Punk rockers and Heavy Metal followers

-All Seeing Eye-

The All Seeing Eye of Ishtarte, the Goddess of Light, was a symbol that brings illumination to the Earth from Heaven. Also known as the Eye of Egyptian god Horus


The symbolic representation of both Physical and Eternal life.


The number for symbolizing the Mark of the Beast. See Revelation 13


This is also a symbol for 666. The letter "F" is the 6th letter of the alphabet.


999 is also sometimes used as a satanic symbol. An upside down 666


Symbolizes the rejection of Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross for sin.. Worn by many Satanist's.

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