Top Five Musical Acts.... that you feel guilty when you listen to it...........
You secretly have a Whitney Houston cd? When no one's around you jam to Twister Sister....... Well come on you Warrant Fans, you should submit..
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JacksInsomnia stays awake with these choices.
5. Vanilla Ice
4. Stan Bush
3. Winger
2. Foreigner
and he sails away with
Nimoy of livejournal's guilty pleasures are...
5. N*Sync
4. Alanis M.
3. Robbie Williams
2. U2
and in her pure moods she likes... 1. Enya
Ben Lacy's crzychoices are....
5. Madonna
4. George Michael
2. The Beach Boys
and he cherishes
1. Madonna
Anybodybetter's guiltiest of the guilty picks are...
5. The Party
4. Ace of Base
3. David Bowie
2. Mary J. Blige
and he gets the party started with... 1. Pink
Katye's so_gracefully  loves these guilty pleasures...
5. Dashboard Confessional
4. Duncan Sheik
3. Tragic Kingdom No Doubt
2. Ace of Base
and 1. Phantom Planet
Rose's (twopointfive) top five are....
5. Ice Cube
4. Prince
3. George Thorogood.
2. Marilyn Manson
and what's going on?
1. 4 Non Blonds
she loves fenixtx but she also loves...
5. The Get Up Kids
4. Cake
3. Orgy
2. The Cars...
and she's unforgiven too with
1. Metallica
Maritza's (spinsterkid) confesses....
5. Incubus
4. Lit
3. Dashboard Confessional
2. Natalie Cole
and where's the love?
it's with 1. Hanson
Jamie's up to par with her top five...
5. Michelle Branch
4. Nelly (the rapper)
3. Shakira
and the wheels in the sky are turning with 1. Journey
Bandaid from LJ is stuck on these acts like their stuck on her...
5. Lit
4. The Smiths
3. AC/DC
2. Elvis
and 1. Mandy Moore
Erica's (akiraj) hides in her hole and listens to...
5. (virgin era) Madonna
4. Heart
3. Prince
2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
and 1. Eminem
vanstuff's top five include...
5. N*Sync
4. Usher
3. Phantom Planet
2. Saves the Day
and whenever, wherever... she likes...
1. Shakira.
OiOiPunk21's guilty pleasures are...
5. Sublime (how dare ya!)
4. The Goo Goo Dolls
3. Thursday
2. Dave Matthews Band
and 1. Eminem
Joel's not so indie rock choices are....
5. Ace of Base
4. Reel Big Fish
3. The Pet Shop Boys
2. Rick Astley
and he'll be waving his hand to
1. Our Lady Peace
cho(lester)ol's top five guilty choices are...
5. Alanis M.
4. Poison
3. Les Miserables soundtrack
and 1. Third Eye Blind