My Ancient Homepage of Outdated Madness

Finally, I have gotten around to creating my own homepage on the Web! While Geocities is not the ideal place, and I can't stand the popup ads, it has made for a simple and easy way to get start, since I was already a member by virtue of a Yahoo email address. To get rid of the ads, click on the upper-right close box three times.

I plan to include links to some of my areas of interest, especially music and cultural issues. While I hope to add some color to this work in progress, I plan to keep it simple and readable. I do hope in the future to add some slickness in the form of Javascript,to impress future employers :)

My one current picture

Hey, every rudimentary personal web page has to have at least one home photo. Well I only have one so far, which i got scanned for a holiday e-card since I don't own a scanner.


Who Is Steve Kimock And Why Does He Keep Blowing My Mind???

Steve Kimock is my current favorite improvising musician.

The Dead Head's Taping Compendium

The Dead Head's Taping Compendium is a 3-Volume set of books that contains reviews of every Grateful Dead bootleg concert recording in existence, spanning the ban's entire 30-year history. I contributed reviews to Volume 2 and Volume 3 . I am also a contributor to the upcoming Addendum, which includes reviews of the many Grateful Dead concert recordings that have surfaced in recent years and a discussion of the current CD-R era. Along with a half-dozen or so reviews, I am contributing an in-depth essay on the history and development of "Eyes Of The World", one of my favorite Dead tunes..

Alternative Medicine and Skepticism

I am a former alternative medicine enthusiast-turned-skeptic and I am now much healthier, less fearful about my health, and my medical bills are a fraction of what they once were.

I used to be a member of a cult

In a previous phase of existence I was a resident staff member of the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, an experience about which I have rather mixed feelings.

The Fourth Turning

A book/website/concept by William Strauss and Neil Howe, about cycles of (primarily) Anglo-American history and how they are fueled by generational dynamics. Although overgeneralized at times, I find the concept highly convincing. I have no doubt that the Crisis, the Fourth Turning, is coming. What it will look like I can only speculate. It will be nothing like the apocalyptic fantasies that are endemic to our culture these days, but it will be real, both a challenge and an opportunity.

Generation Jones

A concept created by Jonathan Pontell and taking off like wildfire. Although I am not so crazy about the name, GenJones refers to the large number of adults born roughly 1954-1965, most of whom identify neither with the Baby Boomers or Generation X. Having been born right smack in the middle of this range, I can relate.