Alternative Medicine and Skepticism

Back in my former life as a Newager, I used to be an enthusiastic consumer of all kinds of what, for lack of a better word, can be grouped under the rubric of "alternative medicine". After many years of observing the effects (or non-effects) on myself and people around me, I began to realize that something was wrong with the picture. I am now quite skeptical of most of what is currently promoted as alternative medicine. In the future I will post essays in which I will share some of my experiences in altmed and why I changed my perspective.In the meantime, here are links to a few skeptical resources:


Health Care Reality Check

Paul Lee's Quack Files

Alternative Medicine Primer

Great collection of links and articles by a veterinarian.

Urban Legends Reference Page

The mother of all Urban Legends page. An essential resource for evaluating the dozens of petitions and hoaxes that regularly make the rounds of the Internet.

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