The Great MOUSE Programming Language Revival
I first read about the MOUSE programming langage in July 1979. BYTE Magazine of that month had an article by  Peter Grogono entitled "MOUSE: A Language for Microcomputers." At the age of 12, before I had access to a computer, I studied that article over and over until I understood it. A couple of years ago, I found that article again and it revived my appreciation of the language's beauty and simplicity. Since that time I have implemented a MOUSE interpreter, debugger, and compiler, and even exchanged email with MOUSE's creator,  Peter Grogono. Take a look around this site and play with the language a bit and I think you will come to appreciate it also.

Peter Grogono wrote a book about MOUSE. The book is now out of print. I ordered a copy from and they found a used copy in around 8 months.

      Mouse : A Language for
      by Peter Grogono
      Published by Petrocelli Books
      Publication date: February 1983
      ISBN: 0894332015

I have moved all the source code to SourceForge.

Please check back again from time to time to see how things are going, and if you have any additional information about this language, please drop me a line.
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