Taken from C.O.T.I.M. zine #3, 1992.

Yes, yes, yes, I do know that I slagged off the latest album of DARKTHRONE in the first issue of my zine, so some of you might wonder why there is now an interview with them here... the reason for this is that this interview has been offered to me by a guy called Leif Jensen, and as DARKTHRONE are a black metal band I thought it would be good to have them in this little rag. And I must admit, after I read some interviews with the band I started to like the album more than before. I couldn't say that I am totally into this band, but on the other hand I do not hate them and I like their attitude - which, at times, may seem a bit exaggerated, but what the bloody fuck.... Let us begin with the interview that Leif conducted with Fenriz (percussion, satanic poetry and hunting chants) on 18/08/XXVI.........

Could you speak about DARKTHRONE's formation?
DARKTHRONE formed in December 87. But the NEW DARKTHRONE formed in spring 91

And how goes the "Soulside Journey" LP? Are you satisfied with the result? Do you want explain or try to explain the cover's meaning?
We hate that LP. It's a silly trendy death metal record, unfortunately we didn't discover this before it was released. The cover - well, think for yourselves.

Which are the three best still unsigned bands, for you?
Unsigned? THORNS (Norway), TERMINATOR (Poland). I can't think of any other BLACK METAL bands.

The Dutch band Malignant has got a very Darkthrone-ish logo, are they perhaps both made by the same person? or...
No, our logo is from years back and it's made by me and Tompe (GROTESQUE/AT THE GATES). MALIGNANT probably ripped off our logo.

"Cromlech" is a masterpiece for a demo, but what do you think about those who sell now their own copies for frightening high prices?
Do they? I guess it was an ok death metal demo. But you see, we hate everything concerning deathmetal now! The people, bands and zines. I shouldn't have answered this interview at all because it is a death metal mag (ha, you are wrong, COTIM is black metal, this is not Hereticrot in hell, pissmag! - Nyar)! The new DARTHRONE is unholy BLACK METAL. LEAVE US ALONE OR BE CURSED!

Why did you take the Sunlight studio for the recordings of your debut LP? The sound is mostly great (I disagree, I think the typical Sunlight sound sucks dick even if you don't the unoriginality of it - NYAR) but not that original and suprising as it perhaps should be. What studio are you going to next time?
We didn't know what to do! We walked right into a trend! (dread, disgust). Anyway, that was the old DARKTHRONE, we just finished out new BLACK METAL album. For us, our second album is the first. It's recorded in CREATIVE studios, it's the same studio MAYHEM (godz - Leif) (god of gods - Nyar) used for their cult Deathcrush album. Our first album is called A Blaze in the Northern Sky and it's out before 92. It's gonna be one of the most evil and darkened album ever! You're all gonna hate it! If you like MAYHEM and BATHORY you should like it though!

Are you into gory horror films? They seem to be part of your lyric influence.....
Do you say that my lyrics are gore! (Nope! I don't, cause I know they aren't, boy! - Leif). Splatter? Fucken idiot, you must have got the CARCASS album instead. MY LYRICS ARE SATANIC POETRY! I only watch occasional films. I like deep movies...I actually like all kind of films!

I heard that you won't play live anymore. Why?
We don't play live anymore because of sound problems, silly trend audience, stagedivers (shoot em) and other financial and equipmental problems. In Finland we had to kick people off the stage down to the audience because they were just standing there or they were about to stagedive. They think they own the stage. WE are the artists, THEY are the (trendy) audience. A DARKTHRONE show is grim. But we don't wanna play live anymore. We've played 20 gigs and all sucked!!! We can play our songs live we don't fuck up, but it's everything else concerning the gig. And afterwards there are always wimps that hang around for an autograph! (Really?? Haha - Leif)

Your preferred zine(s) and LPs and demos ever?
All zines are full of trendy death metal stuff. Only good mag is BLASPHEMER zine from Greece! Best lp's? To Mega Therion, Blood Fire Death and Eternal Devestation. Good blackmetal demos are GOATLORD demo 87, NECROMATIA promo demo and Necrolust, the first VADER demo.

Do you really think you sound like death? You've often been compared to them.....
This question is irrelevant because we are the NEW DARKTHRONE now.

You want to stay in the underground, great, so why do you release an LP? (even Peaceville are labelled as a commercial label by some bands.)
We just wanna be left alone by the entire death metal scene. FROM NOW ON WE WILL ONLY ANSWER LETTERS FROM BLACK METAL INTERESTED!

After how much alcohol do you use to be drunk?
I almost don't eat, I weight 50 kilo. I am then drunk after 12 beers still I am (actually) an alcoholic. I drank so much that my kidney collapsed, so in the future I can only drink 3-4 days a week (that is unless I don't start eating much more!)

Your opinion about this interview? Bye...

Do you know what a "deathmetal - interview" is? Hm, strange! I forgot to say that this interview was done by me without knowing of their drastical change, so this interview became a little bit of a "misunderstand". Well, Fenriz added the following words: "please tell everyone how much you hate our new stuff! If you do not hate this, then your not a true deathmetaller!" Hey, why should I hate this when I love it? (can't say that I think of myself as a "death metaller", so I see no reason for me to hate this band - N.) And I've never been a TRUE death metaller at all, so... and at least THIS is not a death metal mag so hopefully everyone is happy now. Don't try to get into their new stuff, either you are you or you are not! I am! The new DARTHRONE mean darkest brutality and unholiest melodies... hail DARKTHRONE!