San Jacinto's forward superstructure.


San Jacinto carries many different radar sets. The primary system is the SPY 1-A, carried on the superstructure in four octagonal fixed arrays. It can provide instant 360 degree coverage, and is used for long range air search, tracking, and missile guidance.

The SPS-49 air search radar is carried on the main mast, and the SPS-55 surface search radar on the foremast. The SPQ-9A gun fire control radar is in a dome on the foremast. The SPG-62 illuminators are the "dish" antennas carried on the upper superstructure, which are used for Standard missile guidance. The SPS-64 navigational radar is also carried.

San Jacinto also carries the SQQ-89 sonar suite, which consists of the SQS-53B bow mounted sonar, and the SQR-19 towed array. The Seahawk helicopter, carrying sonobouys, is also data-linked to the system.

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