Gallery of Darkness was formed in winter ´97 by Konstantin Lühring (violent ultra-guttural grunts), Holger Lüken (drums), Karsten Schöning (rhythm and lead guitars) and Florian Engelke (rhythm and lead guitars, bass, keys) in order to create an uncompromising vision of extreme and brutal Death Metal on a high technical level.
This is a photo of the band in its early days:

Gallery of Darkness `98, from left to right:
above: Holger, Florian
below: Konstantin, Karsten

Since the beginning of Gallery of Darkness we were concerned with bassist problems - so Florian conceived and played the basslines which occur on "Sea of Silence" Gallery of Darkness´ debut CD. "Sea of Silence" was recorded and mixed in the Soundlodge Studios  in December 1999 (further information in the "Production" category). This output was released in March 2000 "Sea of Silence" contains six songs of brutal and technical Death Metal, the booklet has been designed by the skillfull Clockwork Wizards chief Tim Klöcker (also involved in the marvelous and bizarre avantgarde Death Metal act Senescence), the production is cool and brutal as well! The debut CD can still be purchased from the address below for 18,- DM (p&p inclusive) or 10 U.S. $ (p&p inclusive) check it out!
Karsten and Florian are also involved in the technical and progressive Death Metal act of trees and orchids. of trees and orchids released their debut CD "Fragmente aus dem Fließenden" in December ´98 and their 2nd CD entitled "thought-cathedral" in December 2000 check out their amazing website at or simply make inquiries relating to this extraordinarily progressive Death Metal act in the "Project" category.
After the record sessions in 1999 Gallery of Darkness concentrated on composing new tracks for the 2nd album which probably will be released in summer 2001. The new material rather follows the development and qualities which can realized in the debut cd´s title track "Sea of Silence" itself: Brutal, uncompromising and technical Death Metal!!!!
In July 2000 Torsten Nieland who´s also involved in the North German Death/Thrash Metal formation Act of Fate (check out the "Project" category) joined Gallery of Darkness on bass. He ends the annoying bassist problems Gallery of Darkness has been concerned with in the past. In Spring 2001 Holger decided to leave the band and was replaced by Florian Neumeyer, who although blasts at The Awakening.
Well, this is a very current photo of the Gallery of Darkness line-up taken in early November 2000:

Gallery of Darkness 2000, from left to right:
Holger, Florian, Konstantin, Karsten, Torsten