Cthulhu after having  eaten  Jörg Uken (Soundlodge Sudios) and Florian (Gallery of Darkness/ of trees and orchids)! Both - Jörg(ch) and Florian wanted to pose in front of the temple of bizarre sounds (namely the Soundlodge), presumably they woke Cthulhu from his infinite slumber - this photo has been taken by Mrs. Uken, fortunately she succeeded in escaping ... what a bloody gore!!!

Gallery of Darkness´ "Sea of Silence" was recorded in December ´99 in the Soundlodge Studios (Germany - Rhauderfehn). The owner of these halls of incredible madness is Jörg Uken who is a very shrewd and competent producer aware of how to realize the imaginations of the corresponding bands. So far many regional and superregional bands have recorded their outputs in the Soundlodge, for example, of trees and orchids their topical album "thought-cathedral", Obscenity their current "Intense" CD, of the ... "the road to hell", the millstone "rusty thoughts and mellow bone"! The prices are quite realistic and fair. Gallery of Darkness are going to record their upcoming CD in late summer 2001 in the Soundlodge Studios - not at least because a brutal and devvastating sound is guaranteed! For further information with regard to recording conditions, news concerning the studio, prices etc. visit the Soundlodge´s website at www.soundlodge.de