Welcome to Gamma Squadron
Stationed aboard the the Imperial Order's mighty battleship the Super Star Destroyer Executor II Gamma Squadron is attached to Furious Wing I. Furious Wing I serves the Executor II as the primary lead attack wing aboard this powerful vessel. We fly the agile and lightning quick Seinar Fleet Systems TIE Interceptor into battle. We are among the most daring, we are among the best.

Gamma Squadron is under the command of
Lieutenant General Maugrim and his Executive Officer General Goran. To fly the TIE Interceptor, our pilots have to be the best the Empire offers; from the rigorous basic training programs othe Platform Tigris, they are prepared to fight and destroy the enemy. For as our motto states:
"We come out of the Darkness to harvest the souls of the weak."

The Gamma Squadron site can provide many sources of information for it's pilots and visitors. Please use the navi-bar at the side of your screen.
For new pilots, please vist the Commander's Office for details and instructions

Gamma is a non-gamer squadron

If you are a new pilot, please visit my office
This Imperial tour stop owned by
Lieutenant General Maugrim
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