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Temple Of God Ganesh

1) Dhundi Vinayak :
  This Temple is situated in Kashi it is nearer to Annapurna temple in west.This temple is wellKnown among all ten temple in Kashi.

2) Mangal Vinayak :
  On the Bank of river Narmada planet Mangle has worship god Ganesh from that this temple is Known as Mangal vinyak

3) Omkar Ganpati :
  This is situated near Prayag.Due to which it is known as omkar ganpati.Omkar has worship here of God Ganesh

4) Chintamani Ganesh :
  Devraj indra has worship god ganesh to free from cursh given by Mahrishi Goutam.That's why they become a free from whole tension so this is known as a Chintamani Ganesh.

5) Shami Vidhnesh :
  This temple is situated in Nagpur.And they have worship god ganesh.This is Known as a Sami Vidhnesh.Vaman God has also worship God ganesh before going from their.

6) Mayureshwar Ganpati :
  40 Km away from Puna and 10 Km away from Jeju station on the place named as a moteswar one Ganesh Murti is situated which is known as a Mayureshwar. This is one of the Place counted in Ashtavinyak of God Ganesh in Maharastra.

7) Ballak Vinayak :
  Ballal Named Vishya child has worship god ganesh near the pallipur and this place is known as a Ballak Vinayak.

8) Bhal chandra :
  This is situated near the Kachiguda - Manmar railway 26 km away from Parbhin their is place name as a sailu from this 15km away in midle of Godawari temple is situated is known as a Bhalchandra.

9) Vignan ganesh :
   33 Km from Jalana on the river of Godawari place called "Rakshah Bhuvan" on that place Datatrai has worship Ganesh is known as a Vignan Ganesh.

10) Vidhnanashan Ganesh :
  God Bhrama has establish place 5 km away from puna name as ur.This is reponsible for Vidhnaharta.

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