King of Herbs

1) What is all about ?

This is all about a herb called Reishi Ganoderma also known as gift of God or King of herbs.

2) Why is it called King of herbs or Gift of God ?

This is a special herb which contains more than 250 medicinal values. It works at our cell level and corrects each and every cell of our body.  Our body comprises of cells will then be corrected and our all organs will function normally.   When all organs do their job properly, we will not have any diseases/ailments.  

3) How do I belive this ?  

From  Testimonials.  Or search 'Reishi Ganoderma' with your favorite search engine.  You will find more than 20,000 web pages.  Where, you can find many articles on this special herb written by many Scientists, Universities and Research labs and Doctors.  

Even though above all are true, as a human, we will believe only when we personally experience any thing.   Take this herb with your food and experience it.  You will believe it. Sure.

4) How safe is it to use ?  Any side effects ? 

It has been used by many people for the past 3500 years.  So far, no adverse result is reported.   There is no side effect even on prolonged usage.  The herballous history of reishi had long been documented in the oldest Chinese pharmacopoeia written in about first or second century B.C.  In that book, it had been recorded as having the most extensive and effective healing powers.  The book, which are known in Japan as "Shinnoh Honoshkyo" is now accepted as being the original textbook of oriental medical science.   A number of countries are now conducting sophisticated research in reishi hoping to further the practice and science of medicine. Currently there are more than one million members all over the world who are satisfied users of the Reishi Ganoderma products, while at the same time, they are constantly improving their standards of life. These medicinal herb's world annual turn over is Rs. 20,000 crores. It shows its popularity.   I take it regularly as a food supplement.   But in some cases, while this herb removes toxins deposited in the body, some reactions can be noticed.  But it will be only a temporary.   For example, when diabeties patient takes this herb, it will first remove sugar deposited in the body.  If any sugar test is taken at that time, the readings will be little bit high.  But it will be temporary.  On regular usage, sugar level will come to normalcy.

5) Is it existing for the past 3500 years ?  Why is it so popular only now ? 

It was very very rare and it was found one or two in 10,000 trees in the forest.  It was very difficult to locate in earliy times. Chinese Kings used to send big envoys to locate this special herb.  If found, it would be treated as a special occasion and they would celebrate it in a big manner.  Chinese Kings believed that taking this Reishi Ganoderma would enhance their life time.  Due to bio-technical development in recent times, Japanese Scientists succeeded in developing this Reishi Ganoderma..  They create artificial climate in  hygienic condition suitable for Reishi Ganoderma to grow . Today, most advanced techniques such as cloning are applied to grow Reishi Ganoderma.   Its capability to act on cell level and its effectiveness on Cancer cells made this so popular.   Also technical advancement in recent times in communication is responsible for its popularity.  Indian National Mushroom Research Centre is also succeeded in cultivating this herb in Nov. 2002.  India will also join with China, Japan, Malaysia, France etc. in cultivating this Reishi Ganoderma soon..

6) Is it a drug ? 

No.  Drugs Controller General India, New Delhi in his letter dated 03.05.2000, certified that Reishi Gano is a food supplement and not a drug.   Government of India, Port Health Organisation issued a certificate of analysis for the purpose of customs clearance confirmed in its report No. F43/2000/540 dated 07.03.2000, that Mushroom Powder and Linzhi Coffee are fit for human consumption according to analysis report.   An apple a day keeps the doctor away - this is old saying.  New one is, Reishi Ganoderma a day keeps you away from all diseases with long life and best of health as per WHO definition of health which is "complete well being of person physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.

7) I do not have any diseases.  I am very healthy. Then why should I take this so called special herb ?

If the following statements are always true, then you need not take this herb. 

a) I am sure that I take only nutrition food which takes care of my health and also increases my immune system.
b) There is no air pollution, water pollution in my area or where ever I go.
c) Neither me nor my ancestors affected by any diseases.
d) I am not using any chemical products.
e) I feel healthy and fresh, no tiredness or fatigue.  I have good sleep and good hungry always. I have clean food habits.
f) I will not loose my temper at any cost
g) I am sure I will not have any diseases in future. 

8) OK.  Please give me direct answer for the above question.

I do not have any diseases.  But, reasons for my taking this herb are :

1. Statements mentioned in (7) are not always true
2.We have to have good immune system to fight off any diseases.
3. Our daily food will not give us good immune system, we have to depend up on medicines to eradicate diseases when they attack.
4. These medicines most of the times, will have side effects.
5. Many diseases will not manifest immediately and will take time to come out, because they take time to grow..   
6. Even though everybody will not get this hiding diseases,  I don't know whether I will get it or not.   
7. When diseases come out, we have to spend huge amount for treatment.
8. To avoid this huge expenses in future,  I  protect myself with small amount every month.

9) You said that personal experience is the only solution to believe this herb.. What is your personal experience ?  What made you to believe this herb ?  

When this herb was introduced to me, I did not believe.  I thought that it would be like any other products. I do not have faith on the products which have much advertising.  I came to know about this product from one of my friends when he had Diabetes. My father (aged around 80) was bed ridden due to high diabetes (400+),  Numbness attacked my father's left leg.  So he could not even stand for 2 minutes. My father  is pensulin dependant and in spite of taking several medicines,  the sugar level never reduced.   This diabetes started worrying me. I started to think what would happen to me.  I wanted to reduce my father's sugar level and stop the numbness spreading all over the body.  And also, I wanted to protect myself against attacking this dangerous diabeties..  Even though I decided to use, I was little bit scared to use this unknown herb and so I started collecting  information about this herb.  I visited so many web pages, attended so many seminars and lectures and then only I was convinced.  I started Ganotherapy (taking Ganoderma is Ganotherapy) to myself  first to test whether it is acceptable one or not.  To my surprise, it was very very effective to me.  I could find some difference in my body. I was able to realize that oxygen is taken to all over my body cells.  Unbelievable freshness was attained.  My weekly visitor headache was stopped then.  My food in take was also increased. After using this herb for a month, I introduced it to my father. In 3 months, his sugar level was  reduced to 220+ and his numbness is 99% reduced.  Now he is taking this herb regularly.  I experienced the effectiveness of this special herb and I understood the testimonials given by the users must be true,  Now I do not scare about any diseases. I know, this herb will take care.   Convinced ?

10) Will this cure only Diabetes ?

I think you have not fully read the testimonials.  You must know one thing.  This Reishi Ganoderma will not cure any diseases on its own.  Confused ?  This is not meant for any particular disease.  This will act on cell levels and make all organs to perform its functions normally. When all organs function normally, our body is ready to fight against any diseases.  To know what are all the diseases were cured, click here   Whatever be the diseases,  the healing method is common.  It increases the immune system and make the immune system strong to fight against any diseases.  Scientists are now in the process of  finding a medicine for AIDS using this Reishi Ganoderma.

11) You have been talking about herb, herb.  How it should be taken ? With food ? 

This herb is available in various forms.  Capsules (RG & GL contain 100% Reishi Ganoderma), Coffee (Lingzhi 80% world best coffee powder with 20% Reishi Ganoderma), Health drinks (Cocozhi 28% Reishi Ganoderma and Chocolate flavor)  Ganozhi Toothpaste (multipurpose utility, people are using it as a face lotion, for itches, burns, stomach ache, head ache etc) Ganozhi soaps for skin. Gano message oil for body pains.  Capsules can be taken with empty stomach for better results (persons having stomach problems should take after food).  To start with, one pair of RG & GL can be taken for a week and can be increased to two and if necessary for three.  For healthy people one pair of RG & GL is enough and for unhealthy people, more than a pair of RG & GL is required.  Lingzhi or Cocozhi can be taken many times a day.  Apart from this RG & GL pair, Morinzhi essence can also be taken to have our nervous system strong.

12) You were talking about reactions. Can you elaborate it ?

When taken this Reishi Ganoderma herb, the following process is undertaken in our body.

SCANNING :  (1 to 30 days) During this process, the body cells are checked for Toxins and inacitivity.  Most of these kinds of defects at the cell level are reported by way of REFLECTIONS through the external organs like eyes, nose, ear etc.  This is just a diagnostic phase which normally within 6 weeks of starting this Ganotherapy.  This reflections can be seen for about 5 to 7 days.

DETOXIFICATION (CLEANSING)  (1 to 30 weeks) During this phase, the unwanted/harmful matters (called the toxins are removed from the body.  The body using its own natural excretory mechanism, which is activated by Ganoderma, carrying out this process.  This phase takes place for about 5 to 12 days, depending on the level and quality of toxins.   During this process of detoxification, water soluble toxins (eg. sugar, uric acid) find their exit through urine and sweat.  Insoluble toxins (eg cholesterol) are easily disposed off through phlegm.

REGULATION (1 to 12 months) The bio-chemical as well as bio-electric factors of the body are balanced and the organ functions are regulated to normal levels.

BUILDING (6 to 24 months) In this phase, the damaged cells are repaired and reconstructed.  Inactive cells are activated.  Body's natural immune system is activated.

REJUVENATION (1 to 3 years) This is the ultimate aim of consuming this herb. It is a continuous process through-out life and during the process, body gains youthfulness.  Oxidation of the cells prevented and ageing of the cells delayed.  The natural immune system is activated at cell levels.

While taking this herb, it scans our body.  If any problem is found, reaction will occur. Reactions will be a temporary one.  If reactions occur, it means this herb is started working and starting to remove toxins deposited in our body. .  Many people have hidden diseases which wait for appropriate time to manifest.  During scanning, this herb will expose those  hidden diseases/ailments by reactions.  If a diabetic patient has blocks in his/her heart, some times it can not be detected unless there is a pain in the heart.  There may be a chance for silent attack before detection.  When taken this herb, if there is a block or blocks in the heart, he/she will get immediate pain in the heart because this herb tries to remove this block or blocks..  This enable the patient to take immediate ECG  and appropriate treatment in the hospital to prevent heart attacks.  When continuously this herb is taken,  our heart will become strong and we can prevent any heart attacks in the future.  If a person who has stomach problems, he/she will get diaherra for a while. It means all the toxins are getting removed through this. 

13) What precautions should I take to use this herb ?  Any diet restrictions ?

No precautions.  No diet restrictions. But you should drink sufficient water.

14) Any age restrictions to use this herb ?

No age restrictions.  All human beings can take this.

15) Persons undergoing some other treatments should stop the treatment to use this herb ?

No.  Never.  They should not stop the treatments presently undergoing.  They should take this herb along with the other medicines.  This herb is more effective when taken along with other lines of treatments.  Doctor who presently giving the treatment will reduce the dosage or stop the medicines for the ailments/diseases when this herb is continuously taken. 

16) How long it will take to cure the diseases ?

There is no time limit. Time taken for cure may vary person to person depending up on their body conditions, toxins deposit in the body etc.  Normally it takes 30 days to scan the whole body. and 2 to 3 years for complete regeneration.  This herb will work in our body very slowly.  Slow and steady process and finally achieve the ultimate goal of good health.

17) Where I can get those products ?

It is available in more than 30 countries.  I need to know your location to give its address. Please email me to  or contact 98412 91256 (Chennai)