By Dr. S. Ranjan M.D., D .M. (Cardiology)

Reishi is a powerful herb and it has many beneficial effects in our body. The effects are due to the Alkaloids present in Ganoderma (more than 200 ingredients)

        Reishi acts on the body and regulates various body (organ) functions and detoxifies the body (Detoxification)

        It is a powerful anti-oxidant (7 times more potent than the anti ageing effect of Ginseng)

        It is a natural pain killer ( COX 2 inhibitor)

        Anti-inflammatory effect - Effectively controls pain and inflammation due to any disease                 
e.g. Arthritis

        It is anti allergic - Helps in Asthma and other allergic Disorders & Skin disorders.

        It is a vasodilator- improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to all the organs
 (Adenosine effect)

        It has powerful anti-cancer effect- supplement in cancer treatment.

        It helps to reduce High blood pressure, lower blood cholesterol, control blood sugar, and improve digestive function (age related illnesses)

        It has anti-platelet effect and improves micro-circulation.

        It is an excellent Neuro tonic and Cardio tonic.

        It heals chronic ulcers- e.g.-Diabetic foot ulcers.

        Reishi has powerful detoxification effect and it helps Kidney, Liver and lungs to detoxify our body thereby protecting health. (Cleansing Function)

        It is a powerful immuno-modulator and helps our body to fight against infections and kill cancer cells. It also helps to control auto-immune diseases.

        Reishi is a skin beautifier and helps in various skin ailments, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema etc.

The unique effect of Ganoderma is that it stimulates regeneration of cells and tissues. This function helps us to protect our health and body especially in old age.