Helps to Improve Your Body Functions - Systemic & Metabolic Corrective

It is derived from the fruit body of Ganoderma Lucidum and Shitake.

It is 100% natural extract.  Power is kept in capsules for oral consumption.

An Ayurvedic preparation to keep the body healthy and to enhance longevity. Scans the body, cleanses toxins, enhances immunity and normalizes/balances body functions.  Provides symptomatic relief from various body disorders.
Helps the body to function at its most optimum level.

Reishi or Ganoderma is estimated to contain more than 200 active medicinal constituents which can be broadly classified in 5 following categories.


1.  Strengthen the natural healing ability of the body.
2.  Prevent the degeneration of tissues.
3.  Prevent the degeneration of internal organs.
4.  Help to cleanse the toxic deposits from the body (detoxification)
5.  Strengthen cell membranes.
6.  Increase the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells.
7.  Allow the body to establish a strong immune system.
8.  Prevent the growth of abnormal cells.

2. ORGANIC GERMANIUM (The Balanceer)

Contains to the tune of 800-2000 ppm which is stated to be more than any other medicinal plant.  This Germanium is a trace element and its health promoting ability and virtual non-toxicity have been well established.

1.  It helps to regulate the balance of electrical charges in the body.
2.  It tends to remove abnormal electrical charges.

3. ADESNOSINE (The Regulator)

1.  Lower the cholesterol level in the blood and the amount of free fat.
2.  Lower the level of blood lipid and stabilizes red cell membrane.
3.  Lower the level of platelets agglutination and enhance thrombolysis, thus preventing thrombosis.
4.  Regulate the metabolism for a youthful and energetic feeling.
5.  Balances pH of the blood.

4. TRITERPENOIDS  (The Balancer)

Reishi is rich in Triterpenoids.  It contains more than 100 triterpenes.

1.  Enhance digestive system.
2.  Control allergy caused by antigens because they inhibit the histamine releasing mast cells.
3.  Reduce cholesterol and neutral fat in the body.
4.  Activate the nucleus of body cells.

5.  GANODERIC ESSENCE (The regenerator)

1.  Assist in the treatment of skin disease.
2.  Beautify the skin.
3.  Rejuvenate the body tissue.


Scanning (General duration 1 - 30 days)

Diseases are caused by imbalance of body functions.  Reishi can help to detect hidden diseases/disorders in the body and proceed to regulate the body functions.  Symptoms shown by the body during regulation are known as ailment reflection/reaction.  From the reaction, we can identify the ailing area.  This is known as scanning effect.

Cleansing/Detoxification (General duration 1 - 30 weeks)

During detoxification, sometimes the body feels heated and thirsty, this is the sign that the body needs more water to discharge the toxins.  Reishi by itself is not heat inducing.  In case the reaction is on higher side, reduce the intake to half for sometime.  Uric acid, excess cholesterol, fat deposit, calcium deposit, bad tissue and chemical accumulation are the toxins present in our body.  Reishi is stated to have the strongest effect in removing the above toxins.


Regulation (General duration 1 - 12 months) It is intended to restore the body functions back to normal and many reactions can be observed during regulation.

Building (General duration 6 - 24 months) Process of building and healing body parts that have sustained injuries or damages.  Strengthening the immune system, physical strength and mental calmness, more resistance to diseases.

Regeneration (General duration 1 - 3 years) This is the ultimate aim to consume this capsule.  It is the process whereby our body tends to function at its optimum level which is actually a rejuvenating effect (restore youthful appearance, strength and peace of mind).


It is derived from the Mycelium of Ganoderma Lucidum and Shitake.

It is 100% natural extract.  Power is kept in capsules for oral consumption.

An Ayurvedic preparation to keep the body healthy and to enhance longevity.
Enhances immunity, normalizes/balances body functions.  Provides symptomatic relief
from various body disorders.    Supplementation of GL can effectively help in rebuilding process, improving total body functions, improving blood circulation.

GL supplies a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals to our body.  It tends to serve as 1) General tonic  2) Oxygen supplier  3) Basis for body growth. 

Contents of Reishi Mycelium

1.  Polysaccharides.
2.  Organic Germanium.  (This is stated to be three times more than the fruit body of Ganoderma).
3.  A whole spectrum of vitamins.
4.  A whole spectrum of minerals.

Actions of Reishi Mycelium

Reishi Mycelium tends to act as General tonic, Strengthens body resistance, Cleanses toxins out of the body, Provides a full range of vitamins & minrals.

General Tonic

Oxygen enables the nerves to function better.  The high level of Organic Germanium in GL helps the nervous system and brain to function more effectively because it ensures better oxygen supply.  When supplied with an optimum level of oxygen, the nerve cells become well developed.

Functions of Polysaccharides

As per research reports, they tend to be effective in preventing growth of abnormal cells and controlling their spread, help to stabilize and strengthen body's immune system, prevent tissue degeneration, discharge water soluble and organic soluble toxins.

Functions of Organic Germanium

As per research reports, they tend to 1) Increase oxygen supply to the blood system, 2) Revive cell tissues by increasing oxygen supply to body's organs, 3) Relieve fatigue, 4) Cleanse blood, 5) Strengthen blood circulation, 6) Increase body's metabolic rate, 7) Stabilize blood pressure, 8) Stabilize electric functions in the body, 9) Eliminate water soluble toxins.

It is advisable to take capsules  as a pair regularly.

Note :  The individual responses may vary from to person depending on body composition, condition and the consumption patterns.  Despite all the possible health benefits that can be obtained from this capsule , it is not intended to replace the recommendations of a medical doctor.