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My five years old daughter Elizabeth Raaflaub had eczema for 5 years. It first appeared on her face at about 3 months and gradually spread. The dermatologist prescribed cortisone cream, then ointment, all cotton clothes and addictive free soap for the rash and Atarax to quell the itch. The cortisone kept the rash down somewhat but itch was very bad and the Atarax did not seem to help. We stopped it for a long time and started again without noticing any change. Afraid of the side effects of the cortisone, we stopped it and looked for other solutions. The eczema then became very bad and spread to the face, head and whole body. She scratched day and night due to sever itchiness. We started again in a limited way to provide some relief while trying alternatives. One Christian friend told us about Dr. Peter Gao who practice acupuncture and NAET in Toronto. Dr.Gao started to eliminate of allergies one by one with NAET. After basic ten treatments, Elizabeth's skin started to clear up. Dr. Gao treated different foods, amino acids, fatty acids, mold, brain chemicals and organs. After 6 months treatment, the eczema was practically gone. She is now happy and healthy. Elizabeth has a good singing voice and has sung at quite a few events already. We feel that the Lord may use her in a singing ministry also in the future. Thank you so much, Dr. Gao, thank you for giving Elizabeth's life back.

- Fred Raaflaub, Magnetawan, Ontario 


One of the most stubborn allergies I have had was smoke. I was so sensitive that I could detect the smell of smoke no matter how much a room had been ventilated or treated. I have stayed in hotels where a previous occupant had obviously (to me) been smoking. The smell of the smoke in the mattress and pillows would keep me up all night as I struggled to breathe. The most reaction I have ever had to smoke was when I traveled to Italy in the spring. It was virtually impossible to avoid cigarette smoke in Italy, as there are no "non-smoking" bylaws anywhere in the country that I could find. The constant exposure to smoke left me with a dreadful case of bronchitis. Dr. Peter Gao treated me for smoke allergy. I was amazed at the results. I visited a home where both occupants smoked and they had 5 cats (I had also cleared animal dander by Dr. Gao). I did not sneeze or cough once! No itchy eyes, no watery nose, no itchy throat! It wasn't until I got home that I even noticed the smell of smoke on my clothes.

- Pat A, Thornhill, Ontario


My dream is to see NAET made available to all in need. This technique has turned my life around, curing my environmental allergies to grass, trees, and detergents and on and on. I no longer have a brain fog, which darkened my days. I look and feel several years younger and owe it all to NAET and Dr. Peter Gao.

- Deanna P., Mississauga, Ontario


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