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Thursday, Feburary, 27 2003
Hi everyone! Im glad to see that you all enjoy the site! I wanted this to be a one-stop site for picures and info for all the DE games.

Friday January 18, 2002
Ive added some photos to Jurrasic Park, Ive put some detailed pics in 
Rocky and Bullwinkle, and Ive added some pics for Tales from the Crypt.

Thursday November 28
Time machine has a better picture and lethal weapon gets a few new pictures.

Monday October 08
I added a link to a webpage that gives you some information on the last 4 games, designed by Joe Kaminkow, the designer of all the Data East games which were under Sega's name but used the same Data east level 3 CPU's.

Sunday September 30
Robocop, Turtles, Batman, Rumble, Tommy have been updated

Friday September 28
I got some DE promo shirts and a few patches donated from Duncan Brown, a ex-williams employee (If you didnt know williams dropped out the pinball business.) I'l add them to the promo section. I picked up a nice Robocop in South Carolina yesterday,visit the robocop section to see it

Friday, August, 24 2001
Guns N Roses and WWF Royal Rumble are up. Im going to try to find a Pic of a Michel Jordan pinball.

Wednesday, August, 22 2001
Data East pinball division made a video game? Click on the link Dan's  Tatto Assasins page to see this. Its Joe Kaminkow and his teams effort to create a video game that never made it. Its funny! Added some pictures to Secret Service, Monday Night Football and Star Trek. Fixed a bunch of dead links. WWF Rumble pin comming soon.

Friday, July 20, 2001
Now I have the promotional items page up. Nothing is for sale, but this is part of what Data East as created, so I will put it here. Click on it to the left.

Thursday, July 19, 2001
Robocop has a ton of nice pictures added to it. Added a few pictures to Torpedo Alley.  I just bought a Laser war jacket, shirt, and a Time machine patch. I will add a page for that soon.

Friday, January 05, 2001
Welcome to the new year! Also Id like to mention that I have heavily updated and/or added the following profiles:
Richie Rich
Monday Night Football
Last Action Hero

WWF Royal Rumble and Guns N' Roses Are comming soon

Please check them out. Also, I should have the Data East Owners list up shortly.

Friday, December 15, 2000

Just did a major site redesign. The frames should be a little easier to use. Im still playing around with this new program im using, so Ill be doing some more redesigning.  I hope you like it.

Monday, Dec. 4 2000

Just adding to the list of pins. Im going to try to get a scedule going as to when I update this page. I try to update during the weekend. Thanks for visiting and remember to bookmark this page.

Monday, Nov. 27. 2000
Im going to try to get some frames and some java up here soon, Geocities wont let me upload some of the script necessary for Java. I've been receiving email from fellow DE pinball fans. I appreciate your comments and feedback. I am glad to see an audience out there. It motivates me to keep this going. I also got an email from Jim Wilks who thought of the idea of having a DE owners database. I think that would be great. I will work on it. Thanks Jim! Remember, if you own any of these fine machines and you have any further info such as rule sheets, game notes, ups and downs of the game, special features, please send them in, as it will only make this site more informal. Or just plain Ideas for the site. I will be sure to mention you. See those games with no links? Those are games I COMPLETELY have no information about, (pics ect.)  email=

Wend. Nov. 22 2000
As you may have noticed the list of Data East Pinballs are growing on this site. Since im out of school for the holidays, I should have much more time to make this list grow. Also, Java will be here shortly.
Thanks for visiting the site and make shure you bookmark it!

Thur. Nov. 2 2000
Welcome to this new site! When I recently did a search for my favorite pins by Data East, I could not find very much. This site should solve that problem. I recently acquired my 1st. pinball machine 1987 DE Laser War, Data East's 1st. machine. I have always liked Data East machines (loved their themes) but I did not expect one to be my first machine. I just wanted to buy whatever I could afford and fix it up. I bought it untested for $175. I could not test it because it was from Deuth England and the voltages and power cord were not set up for USA. When I was looking at it, I figured "how many junk pinballs do you know of that have all busted CPU boards"? After all, the boards all looked (and smelled) clean with no dust on them. It was a risk but after modifying the Transformer wiring and power cord it powered right up(with a little smoke from stuck-on solenoids). Since then, the machine is in great condition after doing some heavy playfield cleaning, work on the CPU board and replacing a few solenoids and lamps. Since this site is under construction, there will be only a few pages up at this time. I will try to have frames up in a few weeks, for now just click the links below.

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Data East was bought out by Sega in 1994. Gary Stern (Stern Co.) bought the company in 1999.

After a meeting at Gary Stern's (founder of Stern Pinball Co.) house in 1987, Data East's Mr. T. Fukuda, Joe Kaminkow (then Executive Vice President of Engineering), and Shelley Sax (J.O.A.T.) made the commitment for Data East to fund a new pinball company. In 1993, after producing such successful games as Jurassic Park, Lethal Weapon 3, and Star Wars, Sega acquired the company. "From our perspective, the Sega acquisition was great for us," Gary stated. "We were very happy working with the fine people at Data East, and we made great games. However, as the typical cycle in the pinball business turned, Sega's commitment gave us the financial and technological wherewithal to make even better games."
 Sega sold its pinball division to Gary in the fall of 1999, and Stern Pinball segued into its current incarnation. Since then, Gary and his team have built Harley Davidson, Striker Xtreme, and South Park, which was voted Best Pinball of the Year by RePlay Magazine in 1999. Said Gary, "I have spent my business life learning the pinball manufacturing business and making pinballs. I intend to continue."

All pictures, photos, flyers and the machines displayed here were randomly collected off the net and are property of their respective owners. Data East logo belongs to DataEast(jp) This is a reference site for pinball collectors and enthusiast around the world.



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