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Email from Henry J. Magee
Curator, The Fireman's Hall
147 N. 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA

Dear Todd:

The firehouse at 1328 Race St. was used as fire headquarters, as well as a fire station. July 29, 1926 Fire headquarters was placed in service with Engine Co. 17, Truck Co. 23, Pipeline #5, and Rescue 1 (heavy rescue).

By the end of the 1920s, the change from horse drawn to motorized apparatus was about complete. It was a sad day for the fans of the horse drawn era. A brief ceremony in front of fire headquarters was conducted on December 30, 1927. With the men at attention and the motorized apparatus on display on the apron of the firehouse, horse drawn Chemical Wagons 1 and 3 passed the station at a full gallop; ending the Horse drawn period of the Philadelphia Fire Department.

In 1952, the Fire Marshal's office moved into an office on the 2nd floor.January 1976, the firehouse was vacated by the PFD and the Philadelphia Police Department took occupancy. The Philadelphia Fire Department moved into the new headquarters at 240 Spring Garden St. in 1976.

The gargoyles are holding hoses and nozzles and are wearing helmets. The number designation of the hat you could not see is a dress hat on sideways. You may post the info as long as you name the museum as the source of your info.


Henry J. Magee, Curator
Philadelphia Fire Department

PS Info supplied by Historian Daniel J. Kenney/Henry J. Magee

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