GCI Is The First Global Inter-Connected Regional Directed Program In The World!
We Pay 10% Per Day For 13 Days. We Operate 13 Websites. With Our Networking
Agreements With GCIs Network Affiliates We Can Produce Stable Reliable Profit.
Utilization Of Asian, European, Canadian, Swedish, Caribebean, And North/South
American Markets To Produce Long-Term Growth. Regional Offices Throughout
The World. Digital/Virtual Technology To Allow Members To Operate Their Own
Operations By Networking.  Marketing Bonanaza For All Promtoers/Marketers.

Inter-Locking Speres Of E*Commerce Through Global Networking. Our Operations
Are 24/7 And Global In Scope. When The Sun Goes Down In Canada then Its Rising
In Europe, Russia, Netherlands, & Sweden. Then Germany Gives Way At Sunset To
The Middle-East, India, Korea, Australia, Japan & Then Re-Starts. Global Networking
Allows GCI  & Network Affiliates To Operate In All Time Zones & Markets Including
Emerging Markets In China, & Asia. We Have 2 Sites In Russian Language Which
Covers Russia, Baltic States, & Eastern Europe. We Are Working On Additional Sites
In French, German, & Spanish. Our Membership Has Unlimited Access To Major
Capital Markets With Regional Offices In Every Major Major Market 24/7. We Invite
You To Join Our Organization. For More Details On GCI Network Affiliate Positions
Email Us At: GoldClubInt@Yahoo.Com Thank You