Terms Of Service [TOS]

The following Terms Of Service constitute a legally binding contract
between you and Gold Club International (GCI) and will further on
govern your use of the services provided by GCI. By making a spend,
and continuing to use the services provided by GCI, you state that
you accept and agree to abide by all of these Terms Of Service. If
you do not agree with any of these Terms Of Service or find any part
of these Terms and Conditions unacceptable, then we request that you
not join our Membership. General Terms Deposits are accepted via
e-gold. Minimum deposit is 2 USD. Maximum deposit is 15,000 USD.

All profit and referral payments are made directly to your e-gold
account. Referral commision of 10% is paid on your referrals first
deposit only. Legal Disclaimer All transactions with Gold Club
International are private business transactions, which means that
they are exempt from the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and all
amendments thereof, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the
Investment Company Act of 1940 and the Rules and Regulations thereof,
and any other similar Acts from any other jurisdiction. Therefore all
the information you receive from Gold Club International is of a
private nature and is not available to the general public. Gold Club
International is not registered with any recognized body as a
financial advisor or dealer in securities as per the Investment
Advisors Act of 1940 or any other similar act from any other
jurisdiction. Gold Club International is not licensed as a bank or
security and we do not offer securities. Under no circunstances should
anything found on this website be considered as an offer to sell
securities or a solicitation to invest in Gold Club International, or
any other investment opportunities that may be brought to your
attention on our website, in any jurisdiction where such an offer or
solicitation is unlawful, or to anyone to whom it is unlawful to make
such an offer or solicitation. The distribution of information that
comes to your attention on this website may be restricted by law in
certain jurisdictions. We require you to be informed about, and
observe, such restrictions. You fully acknowlege that you are acting
as an individual and not on behalf of any entity or authority.
You declare that you are not a member, agent, informant, or emplyee of
any kind of investigative, law enforement, media, news, postal service
or any other governmental agencies within any countries. You state that
you are at least 18 years of age or any other legal age in any other
jurisdictions. You understand that all deposits are irreversible and no
refunds will be made in such case. By depositing funds with Gold Club
International you agree not to hold it's owners or managers liable for
any losses you may incur.

You agree with and accept the fact that we may update our terms and
conditions and notify you by posting an updated version on our website.

Privacy Policy

Our main purpose for collecting and keeping information about our
customers is to provide the best customer service. We do not, and will
not under any circumstances, sell or share with any third party the
information we have collected from you. We strive towards keeping your
personal information accurate and up-to-date. We strongly encourage you
to notify us about any inaccuracies in your personal information.

Anti-SPAM Policy

Any form of unsolicited commercial emails (also referred to as SPAM) is
banned by the Gold Club International Anti-SPAM Policy. Any member
caught SPAMMING will lose his/her membership. We encouage you to
consult us first should you wish to advertise us.