Real Red Grand Campaign
        Road to Moscow
      This grand campaign is designed to be played head to head.  It depicts the opening assault into Russia.  I have used nothing but custom maps with the sole exception of Red Square.  The full series covers 16 operations.  All the maps used are availabe for download at either CSO or FFL.  I have included pictures on this page with direct links to their downloads so there is no confusion as to whats needed.  Points have been set up to make players use more infantry and support units then tanks.  However at time larger amounts of points are granted for assaults and counter-attacks.  I've tried to make this as historicly accurate as I can within the confines of Close Combat.  Below are two links.  The first is for the full linked Grand Campaign and the second is for the seperate operations.
Road To Moscow Grand Campaign - This is a non-plugin Grand Campaign.  When I get a fixed plugin version I'll post it.
Road To Moscow Grand Campaign Plugin - This is the new Plugin format thanks to Zeppo9.  There was a problem at
                                                                 the end of Operation 6 were troops lost all moral and wouldnt move. 
                                                                 Simply install this over the old GC and continue your campaign.

Please be sure to let me know of any problem or mistakes and I'll try to get them fixed as fast as possible.
Special note of thanks to all the people that dedicate their time to provide us with custom maps and mods to use.  Without these efforts none of this would be possible.  Cheers
After installing the plugin the GC can be found under Historic Campaigns with the name "Enemy at the Gates - GC to Moscow".  Another thing to keep in mind are screen resolutions.  Some maps will not run at higher settings.  If you get a error message switch to 1024 X 768 and the maps should run (this is particularly true for the Maas maps).

GDS_Tlokein's PacMod Grand Campaign now available.
Tlokein has been working hard on a more polished Grand Campaign for PacMod.  To download click here:
PacModGCbeta Keep up the great work Tlokein.
Road To Moscow Operation 1 : Crossing the Frontier
Hills                                            Izyum4                                  Izyum5                                 Saloninka
Road to Moscow Operation 2 : Into the Rodina
Poland1                                        Russia1                                  Ukr1                                    Ukr2                                    Ukr4
Road to Moscow Operation 3 : The First Line
Verrier Ridge                           Carantan                               Lvov4x
Road to Moscow Operation 4 : Minsk Mayhem
Norm3                                   City                                       Caen                                       Dresden
Road to Moscow Operation 5 : The Bear Rises
Capiquet Aerodrome                 Embank2                               Ouzon                                   Odon                                    Village
Road to Moscow Operation 6 : The End of the Rope
Yelina1                                  Yelina3                                   Yelina2
Road to Moscow Operation 7 : Farm Picnic
3patrol                                    3patrol2                                 3patrol3
Road to Moscow Operation 8 : Driving on Smolensk
Farm                                Maas                                 Maas3                               Maas4                                              Town
Road to Moscow Operation 9 : The Rape of Smolensk
Stonne1                                Stonne2                                  Eban1                                   MetroNij
Road to Moscow Operation 10 : The Vyazma Encirclement
Chataeu                                 Meja1                                  Meuse2                                 Finlake                                  Steppe2
Road to Moscow Operation 11 : Winters Rush
Fortif                             Gerdef                                   Bjelrus                                         The Farms
Road to Moscow Operation 12 : A Push and a Shove
Lesna1                                 Kursk5                                  Kursk6                                 Kursk4
Road to Moscow Operation 13 : Snow Inferno
Vistula3w                                          Izyum1w                              Izyum2w                                       Izyum3w
Road to Moscow Operation 14 : Dream of Summer
Velluki1                                  Mhrhm1                           Winter                                    Ratter1
Road to Moscow Operation 15 : A Stones Throw
Velluki2                                   Velluki1                                 Ilmen                                    Ristini                      Pulnimi
Road to Moscow Operation 16 : The Bitter End
Viipuri West              Kharkov4                                     Stalwin                          RedSquare                             RedSquare