Walter Reeve

1. WALTER REEVE, SR was born Abt. 1654 in England1, and died Jun 1698 in Burlington Co., NJ2.
He married (1) SUSANNAH Bef. 1674. She was born Unknown, and died Unknown.
He married (2) ANN E. HOWELL 11 Dec 1682 in New Jersey3. She was born Unknown, and died Abt. 1732 in Burlington Co., NJ3.


Fact 5: Aug 1682, Arrived in Philadelphia, PA aboard The "Society of Bristol", from Bristol, Eng.4
Fact 6: Original settler in area now Mt. Holly, (Burlington) NJ.5
Occupation: Yoeman; Plantation Owner
Religion: Quaker

Children of WALTER REEVE and SUSANNAH are:
i. JOHN REEVE, b. Abt. 1674, England6; d. Abt. 1748, New Jersey6; m. ANN BRADGATE, 22 Jul 1695, Burlington Co., NJ6; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

More About JOHN REEVE:
Fact 5: 1704, John rec'vd grant to run a ferry (Burlington - Philidelphia)6

ii. SUSANNA REEVE, b. Bef. 16806; d. Unknown.

Children of WALTER REEVE and ANN HOWELL are:
iii. WALTER REEVES, JR, b. Abt. 1684, Burlington Co., NJ7; d. 21 Mar 1754, Burlington Co., NJ7; m. ANN BENNETT, Bef. 17188; b. Abt. 16958; d. 11 Dec 1744, Burlington Co., NJ8.

Burial: Burlington Co., NJ - St. Andrews Episc.Church8

iv. JONATHAN REEVES, b. Abt. 1685, Burlington Co., NJ9; d. 17269; m. MARY HEWLINGS, Unknown; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

v. WILLIAM REEVES, SR, b. Abt. 1686, Burlington Co., NJ10; d. 1749, New Jersey10; m. RACHEL SULLIVAN, 1702, New Jersey11; b. Abt. 1688, New Castle Co., DE11; d. Abt. 1760, New Jersey11.

vi. ELISHA REEVES, b. Abt. 1688, Burlington Co., NJ11; d. 1750, New Jersey12.
vii. JOSEPH REEVES, b. Abt. 1690, Burlington Co., NJ13; d. Dec 174814.
viii. CALEB REEVES, b. Abt. 1692, Burlington Co., NJ15; d. Bef. 175315.
ix. SAMUEL REEVES, b. Abt. 1695, Burlington Co., NJ15; d. Abt. 173715; m. MARY HILL, Abt. 173516; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

x. ELIZABETH REEVES, b. Abt. 1697, Burlington Co., NJ17; d. Unknown; m. WILLIAM SHEWELL, Unknown; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

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