Geno Myths and Facts

A rare image of a Geno about to spread propaganda.

What is this page?

I have created this page to educate readers about the dangerous cult called "Geno". There is a lot of misinformation about them on the Internet, and because of this people might not realize the seriousness of this cult. This information is especially important for parents! The Geno often target children and young teenagers, who are especially vulnerable!

Who are the Geno?

The Geno are a cult that dresses all in grey and preaches complete conformity. They also speak constantly of "the path" and "the grey light." I don't know their true goal, but they are trying to convert as many people as possible, particularly through the Internet. They have been seen on chat sites such as Habbo Hotel. A Christian perspective is available here, and a frightening tale of their threat is available here. The Geno also have webpages here and here, but these should not be viewed by the young or impressionable!

Geno Myths and Facts

Myth: The Geno Are Bots

Fact: Some people think the Geno are "bots", or computer programs that automatically say things in chat rooms. This is not true! Anyone who knows about bots or AI (artificial intelligence) will be able to see that their responses are too specific and varied to be automatic. Genos can carry on a conversation like any other human, because they are really people!

Myth: The Geno Are All One Person

Fact: Each Geno is a separate person. There are often hundreds of Geno on a single site at once, no one could have that many conversations at a time! Plus, someone who can perform IP traces can see that the Geno all come from different Internet connections, all over the world! You can also see this when one Geno is banned from a site. Since the Internet connection is banned, if the Geno were all one person then they would all be banned. But when one is banned, many more on other connections still remain!

Myth: The Geno Are A Prank

Fact: The Geno are not a prank. Many people think they are and decide to "play along," and some imitate the Geno to try to discredit them. Despite the many fakes who think Geno is just for fun, there is a core of devoted Genos who are utterly serious about their beliefs! If you talk to one of these, you will be able to see their frightening level of complete devotion! Also, do not copy the Geno for fun! It's estimated that one out of four Geno were brought into the cult by first imitating them. This gives the Geno an advantage in their brainwashing process, because even if you don't realize it, you're starting to think like them!

Myth: The Geno Are An Internet Cult

Fact: While the Geno use the Internet to recruit new members, they are a real cult in real life. The Geno have been around since before the Internet. I first encountered Genos on the UCSD campus around 1978, but they have been around much longer than that. The Geno claim to predate all human societies, and while it's true there are references to a "path" and "grey" in some of the oldest known writings, I highly doubt the cult is really that old. They have existed in some form for at least 2,000 years. Some researchers think Geno may be an ancient offshoot of Taoism (Tao means "the path," and Taoists believe in balance, like the Geno claim to!).

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